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Dine At These 9 Best Restaurants in the Philippines During Your Trip

Best Restaurants in Philippines

There is more to the Philippines than beaches, volcanic mountains, street food, and historic attractions. There are scores of fabulous and best restaurants in the Philippines to dine at as well. Diverse dining options in the Philippines include high-end restaurants, food shacks tucked away between palm trees at the beach and fine dining at waterfalls among several other exciting things. Foodies visiting this enigmatic country will have a blast exploring the best places to eat in the Philippines. So, how would you like to take a look at some of the best restaurants in Philippines to eat at? Well then, keep reading!

The best restaurants in the Philippines to dine at include Casa Verde, Abe’s, Crisostomos, Antonio’s, Villa Escudero's Waterfall Restaurant, and more. Check out best affordable restaurants in the Philippines and the best restaurants in Manila for fine dining. Visit as many of these best places to eat in the Philippines as you can!

Best Places to Eat in the Philippines:

Even if you’re just passing through the Philippines on last minute flights on your way to someplace else, indulge in a bit of fine dining experience in the country. Choose from the best restaurants in the Philippines listed below depending on which part of this gorgeous archipelago you are in. Enjoy the best Filipino food on your trip!

  1. Villa Escudero’s Waterfall Restaurant

Tables and benches made of bamboo placed right at a waterfall – what could be more exciting! You can dine on lip-smacking local food while enjoying the sights and sounds of the waterfall. Hop in for a post-lunch stroll, maybe? This is among the most unique, Insta-worthy, and best restaurants in the Philippines to eat at.

  1. Antonio’s Restaurant

Located in Tagaytay, Filipinos swear Antonio’s is the best place to eat in the Philippines. Although a bit pricey, the restaurant is well worth a visit and is, naturally, always a bit crowded. Besides the popular Filipino fare, their menu features Italian, French, Spanish, and American cuisines among others. It’s best to book a table beforehand and wear something semi-formal when dining here.

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  1. The Lost Bread

If you love ice creams, milkshakes, and other delicious desserts, this is just the place for you. The Lost Bread serves up a delicious place of all sorts of desserts. Not only are they mind-blowing to taste, but they are also super-gorgeous to look at! So, go right ahead and reach for your camera before the spoon. Take a couple of Insta-worthy snaps to post on your social media accounts!

  1. Abe’s Restaurant

This is among the best Filipino restaurants for authentic local fare. Reasonably-priced, the dishes at Abe’s have ensured the restaurant remains one of the best places to eat in the Philippines. Their baby squid is simply to die for! Do try as many other seafood items as you can. Also, you will be absolutely justified in case you take pictures of the delicious items before digging in!

  1. Boracay’s Two Seasons

Shimmering white sandy beaches are among the top things Boracay Island is famous for. However, it’s also home to some of the best affordable restaurants as well as classy places to eat in the Philippines. Two Seasons is a must-visit for all seafood lovers. Their Oyster Sisig is a must-try! It’s among the best restaurants in the Philippines to visit when arriving on business class flights for a trip.

  1. Casa Verde

This is among the very best restaurants in the Philippines to visit especially if you love barbequed stuff. Their popular steak and lip-smacking ribs are among the must-have items. If you’re traveling in a large group, order carefully as portions are quite generous. A bonus point is the stylish decor of the place that matches its tranquil ambiance.

  1. Crisostomo

Besides the usual Filipino traditional fare, Crisostomo is famous for its unique dishes that have been influenced by various cuisines. When you’re ordering your courses, there is a wide range of delicious drinks to choose from. Also, their mouthwatering desserts happen to be among the top highlights. Although a bit pricey, it’s a classy place to eat and well worth the money.

  1. Spiral’s Buffet

If you love classy buffets, this is among the best restaurants in Manila for fine dining. You won’t complain about the price once you step in! Trolleys come loaded with only the finest wines while there are Chinese, Italian, Filipino, Indian, Korean, and Japanese cuisines to choose from. Also, there are tables dedicated just for bread in addition to a cheese room and a much sought-after chocolate station.

  1. Provinciano

Another of the best restaurants in the Philippines is Provinciano, taking diners on a thrilling gastronomical ride! The best part about dining here is that you can pick your own sawsawan (or dipping sauce) to go along with your food. Take your time to customize dishes as per your taste and other preferences. Enjoy as many items as you like while relaxing in the tranquil ambiance of the restaurant.

The above-listed are just some of the several best restaurants in the Philippines to dine at. When you book cheap flights to Philippines for your trip, ensure to include at least a handful of these best Filipino restaurants. You can cover the rest of the awesome and best places to eat in the Philippines on future trips! Bon appetit!

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