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How to Prepare For a Trekking Adventure?

Trekking Adventure

There are plenty of things to consider while preparing for a Trekking Adventure. Read on to know how to prepare for a trekking journey. Let’s get real! Trekking is a lot of bodywork and mental preparation. If you are excited for the adventurous trek lying ahead of you, you best believe that the incredible vistas that you will witness require you to sweat profusely. That’s the payment to witness the enchanting beauty of the world.

Trekking is a mental game and a physical activity. You have to be mentally prepared to push yourself further when your body feels like it is going to break down, and you have to be physically prepared to carry your own luggage and load to the top of your summit on your own two feet.

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Some of the best advice for a trekking adventure:

  1. Carry only what you definitely need.
  2. Switch on the survival game in your mind.
  3. Abandon as much of the comfort and luxury that you can, in daily life.
  4. Be mindful and respect the power of nature.
  5. You best believe that for the adventure, the world is not revolving around you and you have to do your own chores.
  6. Lay aside your OCD.
  7. Train as hard as you can before the trek.
  8. Assume the worst and do your best.
  9. Be precise and careful of your every step and decision.
  10. Train the mind as well, it’s a game.
  11. Last but not at all the least, INVEST IN A GOOD PAIR OF SHOES.

When one talks about trekking, they certainly think about the Himalayas; this is the largest mountain range in the world and offers an array of trails to chose from. A few know that about 70% of the Himalayas lay in the country of Nepal and hence trekking tours in Nepal are gaining a fandom. The most famous trek of Nepal being, the Everest base camp trekking.

The rest 30% of the largest mountain range in the world lies in the northernmost states of India. Trekking in Uttrakhand, which is one of the northernmost states of India that hosts the Himalayas, has a unique zing to them as well.

But how do you start to prepare yourself for an adventurous trek of a lifetime? Here’s how:

**Walk as much as you can.

The 3 km distance that you called a cab for, should no more be a ride. Walk as much as you can and wherever you can. Mentally push yourself to exercise the bones and joints of the hips and legs. Because when you reach the trail, 3 km will be a mere 0.1% of the entire trekking distance.

**Strengthen your core.

This should be a no-teller that you have to strengthen your core. Do cardio exercises that work on your upper body strength and breathing exercises. It may be unbelievable, but the right way of breathing and breathing exercises can carry you a long way during your trek. Circulate as much oxygen as your lungs can hold, during your cardio exercises, so as to increase your oxygen-carrying capacity. And work on your shoulder and back strength so that carrying your bag pack is not a task. This brings us to the next point…

**Carry a bag pack wherever you go:

Put all your essentials in your bag pack and some extras wherever you go. Keep your back straight and work on strengthening your arms and shoulders. During the trek, you will wish that you did not have to carry your bag pack, but then reality strikes and you need to carry your own essentials during a trek. While on a trek, you will be surprised at how much load a native person can carry on their backs and still tread like they are unhindered by the weight. This should be of some inspiration, as they are humans just like you.

**Walk on all terrains:

Walk everywhere ad walk in all kinds of weather. Walking properly on all kinds of terrains will train your footsteps to step correctly and you will understand the grip you require to step on a certain kind of terrain. Walking in all kinds of weather will not seem like you are doing much but will boost your immune system to be stronger and used to all kinds of weather. Train your legs and their strength in any way you can for as long as you can.

These 4 steps should be good enough to help you on your trekking adventure and many more to come.

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