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Does Trekking Help Overcome Fears?

Trekking Help Overcome Fears

Trekking enthusiasts know the internal as well as the external benefits that this activity brings to them. Trekking as an activity brings about changes in the way one thinks, walks, and leads their lives and their perception about the world. In this article, we are going to discuss Trekking Help Overcome Fears or not.

The way one perceives their body is changed with diving into this activity. Trekking in multitudinous ways pushes the limits to the things that we have decided our limits for. Such as the number of kilometres that one could walk, or the kind of people that one would interact with honesty; trekking really pushes boundaries in all spheres.

The Himalayan ranges have been a muse and a place where people (all kinds of people) find their inspiration in. Artists of all kinds, painter, musicians, poets, writers and all the people in the world that have had enough of what the world can offer.

Most of the Himalayan range is hosted by Nepal and the other half by the Indian country. Trekking Tours in Nepal has flourished in the past decade as there are so many trails one could choose to trek on. One of the most famous being; trekking in the Annapurna Base camp. There have been issues of overcrowding in these wonderful destinations due to a surge in trekking enthusiasts.

Trekking Tours in India is equally wonderful as India has some of the best trekking trails to offer within the mountainous areas. The picturesque scenarios and the cultures that these areas hold are a world apart and one may really find what is called a “mountain calling” to these areas. One of these valleys called the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh has one such mystic that is passed around.

Once you have visited the Parvati valley for the first time, and have spent your days in this holy valley with a hippie culture, the next time, you are called “by the valley”. It’s called “Parvati calling”. Locals go around telling people who returned with the same love for the valley, saying “Parvati ne bulaya hai”. People who have visited this valley would know what this phrase means.

But what are the “Fears” that one overcomes with the initiation of the activity of trekking? Which makes them come back for more of this activity?

Trekking overcomes under confidence:

Throughout your life, people will judge you based on so many aspects of your existence, such as your race, caste, gender, religious beliefs, political affiliations, birthplace, and class in the society. This leads to so much subdued anger. The subjugation of this anger and leading a life as per the identity that the world has given you; leads to a path of underconfident existence.

When you trek, you are in a survival mode, and all that your identity depends on is what you are capable of doing with your body and your mind. How much you can push through all the subjugations that your mind has become accustomed to. And once you find out what all you are actually capable of doing, there is no looking back. For whatever the identity is created for you by the world. You for one know your true identity and your true strengths after having overcome these painstaking feats.

Trekking helps you overcome a dangerous narcissistic attitude, ego that you have built for yourself and makes you humble.

Throughout your life, you may have seen how group-ism works how your worldly identities lead you to differentiate and act in a certain way with people who you were told not to feel comfortable around. What suits your existence and what not also depends on the identity you were born with?

When you go on treks, you get a chance to mingle with people coming from all walks of life. And you are left with no choice but to create some kind of harmony in the existence with all these people you are trekking with. There is a saying in the Nepali country which goes like “tado ko deuta bhanda, cheu koi bhoot kaam lagcha” this translates into “in times of needs, a demon nearby you is of much better help than a god sitting far away.

Trekking leads you to trust your demons and tame them in a way that it works for your benefit. All the harmful identities affiliated to you will not help you when you have to exist on a human level and help each other and harmonize with each other for collective existence.
You will see a change in ego, a shift in attitude and this works a long way to collectively push boundaries in the small group that you are trekking with.

Next time you go on a trekking experience be sure to take notes of the changes that come within and without you so you can experience the all-encompassing benefits of the activity of Trekking.

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