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Find a 50 Ft Snake at Duracable

50 Ft Snake

Craftsmen and those in service lean hard on their tools, making it essential that they get their tools and materials from tried and true suppliers. This is particularly the case in the trade of plumbing, where tools such as drain snakes and drain machines have to physically power through immensely resistant obstacles like tree roots, intrusions into pipelines and other unspeakable clogs with 50 Ft Snake.

Under immense duress from even standard wear and tear, tools like drain snakes need to be manufactured up to precise specifications to ensure proper tensile strength, resistance to corrosion, and temper against breakage and warping.

For anyone looking for drain equipment, the yardstick by which all other equipment suppliers are gauged is Duracable. Duracable provides some of the finest snakes, machines, blades and peripheral accessories available in the market for plumbing equipment. It all starts with unflinching quality. Take a 50 Ft Snake from Duracable. Regardless of its other specifications, that drain snake is going to endure a rigorous, multistage quality control inspection throughout the manufacturing process at Duracable’s facility, and if at any point that cable fails any of their standards, the entire batch is discarded.

At the end of the process, Duracable offers a 50 ft snake that has no peers in the world of drain snakes, a cable that is made of high strength materials and is tempered properly for the right flexibility without compromising its strength.

When you order a drain cable from Duracable, you’ll receive your product carefully stored in a protective carton. Unlike the competition, Duracable packages its cables in protective cartons that not only shield the cables from the pressures of the packing and shipping bands used by others in the industry but make it easier for you to unload the snake and load it onto the reel of a machine without kinking or twisting. Making the prospect even sweeter is Duracable’s 30-day guarantee on their cables. From the production line, through transportation and beyond, Duracable stands fully behind the incomparable quality of their products.

But it isn’t just that 50 ft snake – all of their cables are subject to the same testing and inspection, and all quality guaranteed. When you come to Duracable looking for a fresh supply of drain equipment, you’ll be refreshed to find cable diameters from ¼ inch to ¾ inch, capable from producing results during the most delicate operations and equally prepared for grinding through intrepid roots that have made dark egress into larger lines. In sizes from 25 feet to 150 and also offering custom lengths, Duracable’s drain snakes are well equipped to tackle any pipe born issues.

Unflinching, unfailing drain snakes are enough to guarantee success for Duracable, considering how much they’re put through in a daily course of work, but you can also trust in Duracable to outfit you with the machines and other equipment you’ll need to complete the job.

With sink, standing and sled machines and even the carts and ramps to load them and unload them, nothing wants at Duracable. You will also find drain blades for those heavy jobs, camera inspection equipment for diagnosing issues, and even drain care products.

With Duracable, you get quality drain equipment from the machine all the way down to the gear at the end of the drain snake, blade, camera or otherwise, thoroughly tested and approved to withstand the rigors of drain clearing and succeed with flying colors.

Their quality is guaranteed and their scope of selection is comprehensive. For drain service products there is no equal to Duracable, so head over to Duracable.com today and get that 50 ft drain snake you’ve been needing.

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