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Find The Best Cold Steel Knife at White Mountain Knives


Cold Steel Knife Company: the very name itself conjures a feeling of indomitable will, ferocious resolve, and unflagging determination. Synonymous with rugged quality and unflinching service in the hands of bearers, Cold Steel Knife Company has been producing some of the most reverend blades on the market for nearly fifty years. In that time, it has proven itself to be the producer of some of the most reliable tools, axes, and of course knives that has ever been. When you determine that it’s time to add a Cold Steel knife to your collection, you’ll undoubtedly be adding a winning piece that will endear itself to you over its lifetime of service. That being the case, selecting the Best Cold Steel Knife will heavily depend on your circumstances and your intended purpose for the knife.

Suppose you’re looking for a blade that folds, yet is sturdy and angular, well suited to tasks of utility such as those that might be faced during a day on the job. A model like Cold Steel’s SR1 Tanto might be the best knife for you. This knife features a 5 mm CPM-S35VN blade and G10 handles, weighing in at 7 ounces. That’s a lot of heft for a little knife, and the tanto point is well suited to tasks that require great integrity at the tip. Similar blade that would suit these ends well is the Cold Steel Golden Eye, featuring the same steel in the blade but with steel scales.

If you’re a hunter looking for a blade to carry with you in the woods and on the water, the Cold Steel SRK is going to be hard to beat. Sure, it definitely doesn’t have the same traditional allure as other brass bolstered inlaid knives, but this thing is indestructible and will get the job done. Boning, skinning and quartered will pale before it, as will every other task demanding basic utility that you will encounter in the field. An SK-5 blade and Kray-Ex hilt are the perfect match for demure yet perfected durability and are married to what Cold Steel calls a Secure-Ex sheath that is effectively Kydex. When it comes to dependability, this knife can take whatever you can throw at it. It will even take what you don’t intend to throw at it but encounters in the field, as is known to happen. Then again, in terms of indestructibility, Cold Steel offers a drop forged Bowie. What can be said about this knife – it is 11.25 inches of drop forged 51200 steel, continuous through hilt and blade. It also has unconventional stylings, but it will get the job done and will outlast whatever you can cook up for it. This Bowie can wear the title of “best Cold Steel knife” with due reason.

For survivalists, hunters and bushcrafters alike the Cold Steel Survival Edge holds a special allure. With a 5 inch 4116 blade and hollow handle for the storage of essentials like maps or tinder, this knife was designed with woodsmen in mind. It also comes with a ferrocerium rod integrated into the sheath for times when fire is a necessity. If you need to get through the woods in one piece, this is the knife to bring along, and for those ends, it is very much the best Cold Steel knife.

The point is, depending on your specific needs for a blade, Cold Steel offers a multitude of excellent options, and you’ll find them all at White Mountain Knives. When you shop with White Mountain Knives, you’ll also get free shipping and access to a stock so impressive it sets the bar. Head to WhiteMountainKnives.com and figure out today which of the many excellent Cold Steel knives is the best for you.

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