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The Right Kershaw Pocket Knife Awaits You at White Mountain Knives

Right Kershaw Pocket Knife

Selecting the right Kershaw Pocket Knife can be a trying task, and for many good reasons. First, there are configurations of components, construction, and design features that will defy any number. Will this knife in question be suited best to the purpose of the cleaning game? Will this knife be best suited to whittling? Perhaps this knife is intended to be used to do relatively heavy work as a camp knife.

That’s perhaps the reason in and of itself that rather than selecting the right pocket knife, you should own many. When you’re looking for pocket knives, there’s no better outlet than White Mountain Knives, where you’ll find an offering that cannot be rivaled in scope.

A simple, solid, modest pocket knife from Kershaw is the Kershaw Ember Knife. Assisted open for lightning fast one-handed deployment, this little knife packs a punch of vitality and viability. The blade and frame are both titanium carbo-nitride coated steel, for a humble yet entirely uncompromising appearance.

The 2-inch blade is small, precluding the heavy labor of chopping and camp tasks, but well-suited to just about anything up to that point. For everyday carry and dispatching of most small tasks from food preparation to carving, this knife can’t be beaten.

The Kershaw Blur is a slightly larger option with a heavier belly that adds more length to the edge and gives more leverage to slicing and chopping tasks. Mildly less demure than the Ember and a tad larger, this knife is another contender for EDC that can manage heavier tasks such as chopping and boning.

Also featuring assisted opening and a reversible clip that allows for tip up or down carriage, this knife allows you the choice of portage and easy access and deployment.

Another Kershaw pocket knife that will turn heads is the Kershaw Showtime with a two toned blade. The blade and handle are both coated in attractive black oxide which provides sharp relief to the silver of the steel. A 3-inch blade with an extended tang and gently sloping drop-point give extraordinary strength and resilience to a piece already graced with beauty.

For finer work or one in which great precision will be required at the tip, such as for carving or piercing tasks, a Kershaw Al Mar AM-4 will excel. It features an assist open for rapid deployment and a G10 frame for durability.

However, all the focus is on the three and a half inch blade of this knife, which is a proud display of drop point that is so fine some might even call it a spear point. For punching holes, piercing tasks and penetration, this knife will be right at home.

With so many excellent choices to make to outfit yourself with a collection of knives that will take on any charge and never fail, there’s no reason not to start building your collection today. When you are looking for a Kershaw pocket knife and have so many choices, White Mountain Knives is the way to go.

There’s no rival as far as selection is concerned – you’ll find more Kershaw pocket knives at White Mountain Knives than anywhere else. What you’ll also get is excellent pricing, free shipping in the United States, and access to a vendor network that is so massive that if by chance you don’t find what you’re looking for, White Mountain Knives can most likely secure it for you.

So delay no further – head to www.whitemountainknives.com today and start building your Kershaw collection. You’ll have a knife for every need.

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