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Halal Journey: In the World of Beauty Industry

World of Beauty

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your skin. That or a kick-ass RED lipstick” This is all about World of Beauty.

Gwyneth Paltrow 

We hear you girl, loud and clear! That is what we girls believe in. The power of red! When in doubt go red.

Beauty is something that is an inborn quality, different yet alike. Makeup is used to enhance beauty. Since the revolution of cosmetic products has been the trendsetters in the beauty industry, it has been a real game-changer.

The modern world has changed the way we look at things now, and hence our relationship with the products we buy has been changed too.

Cosmetic products have not only enhanced the beauty icons all over the world but have set an image of perfection.

But How Does It Effect Those Whose Life is Influenced by Their Religion?

People have certain obligations in life, they need to follow up. Religion is one of the factors that can easily make a person change their life ideology and change their lifestyles from clothing to what they eat and even to what sort of products they use. Let’s take a look at the halal journey of the cosmetic industry.

Is it Organic or Halal?

With time, people are becoming more aware of the products they use. Testing on animals in labs has always been of a bold question mark for many. Animal protection rights have often induced and segregated different movements to protect animals from the cruelty of being the Frankenstein of the lab doctors. Muslim

Muslim women over the world have often faced difficulty when it came to using cosmetic products as many of them included ingredients that were not halal (abolished in the religion) and using it would cater for conflict in faith. Halal products available in the market have always seemed impossible. Organic makeup product has been far and few between in the market also.

Thanks to different female and various brand entrepreneurs, this problem has been resolved. Halal cosmetics are gaining a worldwide platform for Muslim Women so that they can easily use everyday makeup without facing the need to wash it off before doing Wudu (ablution).

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It’s a Breathable Cosmetic Revolution After All!

Makeup can ruin your natural skin pigmentation as well as unbalance the PH level in your skin tone, these halal cosmetics help to retain the skin within its natural state, and religion-wise it’s also comprehensible.

  1. Zahara Cosmetics

Can you recall the time when two sisters introduced the brand, Zahara, of breathable nail paint in all distinct shades? that made up the headliners. Later onwards, they introduced products categorizing into nail polish removers, eyeliners, liquid lip shades, and a four palette eyeshadow. It was quite a bloomer idea for the beginning of halal cosmetics.

  1. INIKA Organic

We just talked about cosmetics products being organic and halal as it is World of Beauty. If a product is organic, it is declared as halal as well i.e. it’s made out of natural raw materials with no alcohol or other microorganisms disbursed.

This step was taken by an Australian-based beauty company. All products are a hundred percent natural-made cosmetic with a diverse range of products ensuring the quality and caring for the values of its customers as well.

  1. FX Cosmetics

Natural makeup looks are trendier than ever, with the nude shades glowing cheeks and tinted lip tones, a mirage of beauty is being made eternal. Traveling to other countries is always fun and you have to keep a necessary makeup kit for all-occasion use. So, after completion of my Umrah journey, I realized how much I missed using makeup, keeping the tones of the palette to their minimum. I used FX Cosmetics natural concealer and the mineral foundation is an excellent traveling partner for you.

This UK-based brand is well used (since I live there) and it works wonders on the skin too.

  1. Talent Cosmetics Korea

Hold upright there! You can’t possibly forget about the leading cosmetic industry of all, are you? Korean beauty products have always gained wide attention in the market for cosmetic surgeries and popular organic beauty products for hair and skin. Needless to say, their organic cosmetic range is widely viable in the market.

The brand’s blusher is even of prime quality with a pristine fine brush in different shades (you can have your pick) hence giving you a natural blushed look (now who wouldn’t want that?) I really think going for their vitamin cream is a good idea to soften the skin (mine is dry) and you can also try it for yourself.

Girls got to have each other’s back right? And the cosmetic works likewise too, they are the backbone for our grooming and pampering. Products made out of halal raw materials are more appreciable not only for Muslim women but for every woman out there, who really cares for her skin and still wants to be pampered by beauty products.

Using organic items is as flawless as eating organic veggies. So no worries, there’s everything out there for women ever. Let’s go shopping and enjoy World of Beauty!

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