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Invest in Birla Alokya Whitefield and get a luxurious flat

luxurious flat

Having your own home is always a dream for many people. If you want to have your own home now, then Birla Alokya is the best project for you. The project is located in Soukya Road, Whitefield that to in the Eastern Quadrant of Bangalore. The B.K. Birla Group of Companies develops the project of luxurious flat.

About the location of the project

The most ambitious project of B.K. Birla Group of Companies is said to be located in perfect surroundings. The areas that are present around the project are cover with trees, and for that, it gives a green look at the project. The project too comes with several facilities in a luxurious flat that all are present in it. The project is designed in such a way that it can help you in transforming the locality to a great extent.

If you look at the nearby areas, then you can find all the important things around here. Starting from hospitals, schools to shopping malls all are present near the project. Not only these, you too can get a wide range of development project that is now going on in the nearby areas. With so much development is going on, you can now see that the future of the area is very bright and it will soon an attractive place.

Apart from that, the project comes with many facilities available for a luxurious flat. You can get an excellent gymnasium, mini theatre, badminton court, community hall, tennis court, indoor and outdoor game fields, and other things as well.

Specifications of the project

If you are planning to get home at Birla Alokya, then you can get it at an affordable price here. But many people all want to know about the specifications of the project and what they get. If you’re going to know about the project, then get through the below details here.

  • Bangalore comes under moderate earthquake zone. So, all buildings must be earthquake-prone buildings. By fulfilling those things, you need to know that the whole house is built with RCC Framed Structure, and it is the best thing to have on an earthquake-prone zone.
  • The next best thing that plays an essential role for everyone is the flooring of the house. All the home are built with good quality and design tiles. The tiles that are used are also anti-slippery.
  • With power outrage is the common sight during natural calamities, so the project is equipped with back-up power facilities. All the buildings have got separate generators which can run up to 10 hours without any break and can provide you with unstoppable power.
  • You will get a full proof security system here. All the entry and exit points are operated by security personnel 24 hours. Inside the campus, you will find CCTV at all vital locations, and they run round the clock.
  • The next important part is the parking space. But here in this project, you will never regret about the area. The real reason behind it is, every resident who all stays here are designated with a parking space for both two and four-wheeler vehicles.
  • The project to has the facility for the rain-water harvesting as well as waste removal procedure. The facilities here that are used are already tested and are useful in all sense.

With so much coming under specifications, there is no doubt why the project is termed as the dream project. With a good and clean environment in the backdrop, there is no doubt why you should go for buying the project here at an affordable price at a prime location.

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