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Discussion with Salman F Rahman about the combined ventures between Bangladesh and IFC

combined ventures between Bangladesh and IFC


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On this, Salman F Rahman expressed the government measures currently in process so as to fuel the business and trade in Bangladesh.
“The business community and the people of the country are benefiting from the change that the honorable Prime Minister brought in the power sector to expand and expedite business and trade,” he said.

Various industries in Bangladesh have experienced better functioning with International Finance Corporation in the picture. IFC aims at ensuring the sustainable development in Bangladesh’s private sector with the help of infrastructural changes, financial assistance, and introduction of reforms on a consistent basis. Some of the notable stories of the IFC-Bangladesh collaboration include Lighting Bangladesh Program, International Labor Organization, Accord, and Alliance, and Food security.

Considering the latter, Bangladesh is fragile and less adaptive towards the repercussions of climate changes. Addressing this prolonged issue, IFC is working instrumentally with public companies as well as private players to harness the maximum potential of their existing resources. Simultaneously, the organization is emphasizing on the improved adoption of climate-adaptive agrarian practices.

In order to achieve these goals, IFC is emphasizing on the awareness and demonstration of stress-tolerant seeds that will provide a business proposal for a major improvement in the agriculture practices. In addition, the retailers, dealers, and seed growing staff is in coordination with the IFC’s field demonstrations. This is expected to equip them with the knowledge, potential, and best practices of new seed varieties and their home-grown production.

The Bangladeshi businessman added that substantial breakthroughs are expected to be achieved with the different alternatives in the pipeline that improve the direct involvement quotient of the private sector. With continued support from IFC, envisioned implementation of government schemes, and internal industry changes, Bangladesh growth is speculated to pick up better pace in the upcoming years. 


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