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What Is Audio and Video Transcription: How Transcription Services Work?

Transcription Services

Transcription is the simply a process of converting speech (available in live or recorded in the format of audio or video) into a written or electronic text document. Basically, transcription service is offered for business, medical purpose and legal purposes.

Mostly speech are transcribe into written text either manually done on paper or in electronic form. The transcription is done into multiple languages as per the customize needs of the customers to make available contents in various formats.

A audio or video file transcribed for different purposes like meeting Meeting minutes, Medical or health reports, subtitles on a TV or movie, published speeches, seminars, media interviews and court papers. Audio and Video, both have different process due to format and availability of the contents for different needs.

What is Audio Transcription & How it is Done?

Audio transcription is the process of converting or transcribing the speech-to-text through manually or done suing the right tools and techniques. The transcriber listen the speech and write the entire words into the texts in desired language.

Basically, political speech in native languages, meetings, academic not-talking, and dictations are transcribed into the document either in digital format or hard copy.


To transcribe the audio files there are multiple options like either using a tool that can automatically convert the each words spoken into the auditory communication. Or through manually done by the experienced annotators who also avoid unnecessary words and write only useful speech while maintaining the meaning and essence.

What is Video Transcription and How it Works?

Video transcription, is the process of transcribing the video recording into the audio or text just like audio transcription. However, in visual transcription, also includes transcribing the visual clues to get the more detailed transcripts.

The main purpose of video transcription is, it can be used for on-screen purposes, like putting a captions or to transcribe the publications separately from the video.

video transcription services

Just like audio transcription, video transcription is done using a special tool or software application. However, it can be done manually by humans to ensure the quality. As, automatic video transcription fails to notice the facial expressions or speaker and cant understand the emotions and sentiments expressed while speaking.

Though, for large volume or bulk, automated video transcription would be better, but case sensitive and quality cautious results, manual transcription services is better can give you better results with best level of accuracy at better pricing.

How To Get Transcription Services?

Cogito is one the well-known transcription service provider, offers a one-stop transcription solution for audio and video as per the customize needs. From speech-to-text and video-to-text or audio, Cogito is expert in audio video transcription services.

Ensuring the quality at each level, Cogito is doing this job with right combination of tools and manual handling to convert any type or format of audio or video file into hand written or electronically typed digital formats. Available for all types of business associates, legal entities and commercial needs, Cogito offers a fully encrypted and secured video transcription services at lowest charges.


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