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Quality End Mills For Sale At Online Carbide

Quality End Mills

Having quality cutting tools can make a big difference for your shop. Worn cutting edges and unexpected tool failures can ruin workpieces and waste valuable time. Instead of investing in cheap end mills and suffering from these kinds of failures, it is always worth it to invest in Quality End Mills.

If your shop is looking for some new cutting tools, Online Carbide has amazing End Mills For Sale. At Online Carbide, we are an American manufacturer focused on producing the best and Quality End Mills and drill bits. In a business environment that focuses on producing huge quantities of tools to sell through a distribution network, we are dedicated to superior quality. Despite the time and effort, we put into our tools, our manufacturer direct pricing can still help your business save when compared to buying major brands through big box hardware stores.

Every cutting tool we manufacture is made to extremely precise tolerances. To achieve this, we use the same high-quality grinding tools as other top-cutting tool manufacturers. Our robot-fed 5 axis CNC routers allow us to create incredibly precise cutting tools. We are constantly working to develop and test new designs on our machines so our customers can expect to regularly see new end mill options on our website.

We only make our tools from solid carbide. You will not find any carbide-coated or carbide-tipped options in our inventory. We start with the shape of high-quality carbide stock used by industry leaders. When it comes to cutting tools that will perform and last, you cannot beat solid carbide for its combination of rigidity and heat tolerance.

The workhorse of any milling project will be standard side mills. We offer our square and ball mills in both 2 flute and 4 flute options. You can also choose to add a titanium aluminum nitride coating to your standard end mill to add some extra protection against high temperatures and increase the tool life of your end mill. If you don’t need this additional coating, our bright polished carbide finish is also an option for all of our Quality End Mills for sale.

We also offer special end mills specifically designed for side milling aluminum with a zirconium nitride finish to help eject the fine chips aluminum can produce. Without this coating, the fine powder-like material produced by an aluminum can build up and damage your tools.

For adding holes to your workpiece, we offer a range of drilling tools. From our short rigid spot drills for setting up hole locations to stub and jobber length bits, we offer everything you need to drill with confidence. We also offer a line of drill mills that can perform several drilling functions.

Most milled components will require some tool changes to finish up your project. When you need to clean up your edges, we offer both 60° and 90° chamfer mills in ¼”, ?”, and ½” sizes. For adding threads to your piece, we have several options for our full form and single-pitch thread mills.

Whatever cutting tools your shop needs, you’ll find plenty of quality solid carbide options at Online Carbide. If you cannot find the end mill you are looking for, feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected] if you would luck to discuss having a custom endmill designed. We are always happy to work with our customers to ensure they can get the Quality End Mills they need. So next time you need to order cutting tools, stop by our website and check out all our quality end mills for sale.

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