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When esotericism becomes an addiction


Clairvoyants, fortune tellers, and other esoteric predictors can be an interesting source of information when it comes to a question that you need help with. Sometimes the messages about the future give you an expanded view of the matter. You can be made aware of things that you have not noticed or considered before.

In this respect, an esoteric advisor who predicts the future can be another opinion. You may also be able to understand yourself better if a different perspective is shown.

Because when we are in a crisis, we tend to develop tunnel vision. Fears dominate our thinking and obscure a broad perspective. But sometimes such esoteric consultations get out of hand and mutate into a form of addiction. This can in some cases lead to disaster and cause incredible stress.

Anyone reading coffee grounds on New Year’s Day sees harmless fun in them. We want to know what to expect in the coming year. And yet we don’t really take the interpreted messages from friends and family at the party table seriously.

We often forget this interpretation of the future a few days later. However, when you find yourself in a crisis, you may be inclined to seek advice from a fortune teller who can predict the future.

After all, he knows the future and will provide useful information, you think. It is very amazing when the messages about the future come right down.

Certainly one or the other affected person is more than impressed by this fact. How much weight each individual attaches to these interpretations and future interpretations varies.

But even with the next problem in life one remembers this esoteric tool. You have already done well the fortune teller or clairvoyant’s interpretation of the future.

It is obvious that esoteric counseling should therefore be repeated. When esotericism can lead to an addiction also depends on how accurate the prognoses are.

1. Decisions are given to esotericists

At a certain point, the person seeking advice is convinced that their future is fixed. And the esoteric is the one who has this information ready. Isn’t it incredibly easy to ask the esoteric interpreter of the future every time there is a little problem in life?

For some people, this method is actually seen as the solution to their conflicts and everyday worries. What started out as a harmless conversation with a fortune teller mutates into an addiction.

However, this is often denied or even glossed over by those seeking advice. Some even consider it necessary to be in constant contact with the universe in order to make the right decisions.

These people have long since forgotten that they no longer make decisions themselves. This task was recently given to the esoteric and future interpreter.

Every tendency, every hint of a possible future scenario is immediately taken as a fact and accepted unseen. Accordingly, actions in life are made. Whether these decisions always end satisfactorily can be questioned.

 2. Retreat from family and friends

The family or friends of the person seeking advice no longer understand the world and try to bring the person back to the real world. But the person seeking advice has already run out of this reality. The real world is way too complicated and requires you to make your own decisions.

The rate of bad decisions one makes is quite high. Why should I bother with this tough world when it can be a lot easier? The affected person can no longer be rationally convinced of the opposite by his relatives and friends.

He’s already trapped in a world he believes is real business. The lack of understanding from family and friends causes the affected person to withdraw. The constant confrontation with the topic of esoteric advice has meanwhile become a nuisance.

Also, the person seeking advice failed to convince their family that this is a good thing. Instead, look for like-minded people who think alike.

This approach ensures that the counselor becomes isolated and participates even less in real life than before. The exchange with similarly thinking people only intensifies the addiction.

And the circle of opportunities to find out more about the future is expanding.

3. The firm belief

The interpretation of the future for those seeking advice has long ceased to be a non-binding second perspective. The firm belief in the matter has taken hold and can no longer be replaced spontaneously.

Even if some predictions have not come true in the meantime, the advice seeker will not be deterred. Because he has an answer ready for every scenario. This also applies to predictions that ultimately do not become a fact.

Sometimes the counselor blames himself if a potential event does not occur. Probably he did not believe enough in the matter or lost the connection to the universe for a short time, could be such speculations.

The esoteric counselors, clairvoyants, and fortune tellers are aware of the power of dependence in those seeking advice. Future interpretation is rather a form of life counseling.

One should always be aware of this. Nevertheless, such negative effects cannot be avoided. This is also the case if the counselor points out that his statement does not constitute a decision for the person seeking advice.

The reason for this is often the fact that the person seeking advice draws a conclusion for himself. And that’s one that is supposed to make life easier.

Triggers esoteric addiction

Those struggling with their lives wish everything to become easier. Perhaps a similar thought is also present in the gambling addict. Once he has the great success and wins a lot of money, life becomes easier.

And it is probably similar to those who seek advice in the esoteric world. If I know exactly what is going to happen tomorrow I can make the right decision and I’m fine would be a conclusion.

But grief, worry, and maybe even financial loss are more of an effect than keeping you happy in the long run. Life means you make your own decisions. You can certainly get opinions on a problem.

But ultimately, decisions have to be made based on your feelings and your rational mind. Otherwise, you will no longer live your life if you give up self-determination to a third party who does not belong to you.

If you think you are dependent on esoteric interpretations, you should seek addiction counseling. There are contact points that deal specifically with this topic and can offer you valuable assistance in getting off the bus.

Tips for your own decisions

Do you really want to make a decision, but feel ambivalent about it? In such a situation, it is best not to make an important decision. Better to wait until the feeling of ambivalence subsides and you can see more clearly.

Sometimes things take time until the veil is over and you can decide something for yourself. Both the rational and the emotional parameters should play a role. Perhaps talking to family or friends can also provide inspiration that is helpful to you.

Also, accept that sometimes you make bad decisions. Mistakes are just as much a part of life as failures. If you take this to heart, you will have self-determination. This is the best way to be or become happy.


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