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Finally, Tiktok Download Is Banned on Google & Apple Application Store


Tiktok is the application to create a short video to share talent, and create fun video with music & dialogue dubbing. There a huge list of users sharing videos with fun, tips and branding on Tiktok and contribute amount of time everyday.
But the issues raised with this application and Madras High Court complained directly to Government of India to ban Tiktok application in India. In the response, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology asked Google and Apple to ban downloading Tiktok on their play store/app store.

Why Raised Issues with Tiktok?

The issues raised on Social Media Application-Tiktok due to its content posted by user, it faced the compelling resistance which include the quality control. There was a huge list of reporting for the abusive and pornographic section added in the Tiktok content. The decision is taken to stop addiction of users and specially youngster who really don’t understand the effects of cybercrimes or cyberbullying, and this decision may benefit them.

Tiktok still Can Use?

This is found that Google and Apple has deleted the Tiktok from play store, as it shows with name that the application is available on store or not. But it is also found that this application is in use on the devices where it is already installed and they can use it significantly.
It’s a great shock to the addictive people who are constantly using the application by create the videos every day and spend much time with Tiktok.


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