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Interesting House Styles For Your Custom Home Design



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A home that incorporates everything you ever wished for in a home is something of a dream. If you thought that something like that was impossible to get in times like these, you may not be too far from the truth, but in all honesty, it is possible, very much. Nowadays in Australia, the trend of building custom homes is on the rise and you can too take this opportunity to have your own dream custom home. 

Building your own custom home requires you to choose a lot of things aside from just picking on aesthetic design. And when it comes to getting all such things perfectly right, you need to do a lot of research. Like choosing the landscape and the geography and then will come the important part of designing your home to perfection. There will be a lot of designs that will come to your mind and you may not have anything specific and you want some specific features in your home. That means you would need professional help from a custom home builder Australia to help you choose a perfect design for your custom home.

Anyways, we think it will be a great help to you if we can inform you and enlighten you about some different house designs. If you believe that there are just a few house designs that are in fashion nowadays, like the modern styled houses, then you are mistaken. There are many people who love to have a more traditional look in their dream houses. Believe us, there are a lot of styles that would pique your interest. So, read below some very artistic house styles.


You can call these designs as evergreen as still a whole lot of people are sticking with craftsman style houses. Many of us who wish to reside in the countryside usually end up building craftsman styled houses. With the help of natural elements, such as brick, stones, and woods you make use of the landscape features to give shape to your dream home.


They are one storey houses that look like small cabins yet very eye-catching and aesthetic. You can have them built as one storey houses or the houses with sloped roofs. They are traditionally styled houses and back in the day were quite common among the middle-class people.


The modern styled houses that are the common theme among the porch areas of the country and in towns are more focused on defined and clean features. The houses are built in square and rectangle shapes, with boxes as designs. The use of glass and steel alongside concrete is a major them of modern houses that are seen in Australia.


These types of houses can be seen quite often in the farm and countryside area but they are not excluded from the city and town area. Many people use them with little features.


Not quite common among the residents and very few builders build these styles nowadays but they are not completely out of fashion. The Tudor styled homes are a very old style architecture that was home to t eh 16th-century English medieval period.

Georgian style

Like Tudor housing, this one is also a very old style for houses and homes and not many people use it, except for those building their homes in the countryside area on large land. Like the Tudor style, this home-style came to life in the 17th century.

These are some of the popular house styles in Australia. If you are planning on a custom home, then take a look at this list.


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