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Best Free Music Streaming Apps for Android

Free Music Streaming Apps for Android


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In the earlier time of the 80s people used to listen to music on Radio and Television with limitation of choice and later in 90s there was improved form via tape recorders and walk-man with cassettes and after CDs with players. With forwarding time, the techniques of listening to music are improved. Nowadays, you can listen to your fav song anytime and anywhere. The technology is advanced with music apps on mobile phones where you can find your music anytime. But hard to find the best free music streaming apps for Android phones with the feature of searching maximum songs list, filter, and sort your collection.

In this article, we are going to share the best free music streaming apps where you can search and listen to all your favorite songs with few taps.

1 Spotify


The Spotify is the best free music streaming apps among the popular music applications. The mobile app includes a songs library, playlists & curated stations even you may create your customize playlists & stations. Although, the paid version is outstanding the free version of Spotify is not lousy and you may choose to enjoy your music listening moments.

2 Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud

The best music streaming apps “Sound Cloud” with unique and marvelous features, because here you may get the updated track versions and also the artist can upload their songs. We must say this can have the maximum list of songs with 125 million or more songs. Getting your favorite tracks and uploading an individual base is favorable for free users. But paid users can get the uploaded track promotion which is good for artist fame.

3 YouTube Music

YouTube Music

YouTube is known as the video-sharing and browsing website and app, but in 2015, Google launched the YouTube Music app just like other music streaming apps. It offers the free tier of music library but there is an advert while streaming which is usual in the free version of YouTube. You may also select the advert-free music streaming with the paid version of YouTube Music and enjoy seamless music listening moments.

4 TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

The TuneIn Radio with the name suggests is the radio which offers you many Radio stations to enjoy your music streaming. The widest choice of Radio station makes it different from your local radio version. Of course, Radio is the oldest technology of music streaming so that makes it worth hearing radio but with fast-forwarding technology.

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5 Pandora Music

Pandora Music

Pandora Music is popular free streaming apps, with a wide range of radio stations. You will experience the updated version of Pandora Music and can compare it with Spotify as the radio version. You can choose the stations based on the artist and genre to get your taste of music. Pandora Music is free to use but with short adverts while streaming music and you may switch to its paid version to avoid adverts in your music listening moments.

6 Apple Music

Apple Music

The iTunes library with Apple Music apps free music streaming for your favorite songs and available on Android also. But this has the limitation of the free version now and offers limited attire of free music streaming. You may enjoy break-free songs in the paid version of Apple Music.

7 LiveXLive


The LiveXLive music streaming application with the best platform to choose your personalized music as well as the hundreds of radio channels to choose from. This is a slacker radio music streaming application available at Android version and also on iOS, AppleTV, Roku, etc. The music lover will enjoy this platform with unique features and new music listening experiences.

8 Google Play Music

Google Play Music

The collection of 50,000+ tracks over Google Play Music app to choose and stream the list of songs anytime anywhere. The Google Play Music is available for no cost and comes on the top list of free music streaming apps. The simple step to get register your account and start streaming from the widest list of songs.

9 Spinrilla – Hip-Hop Mixtapes & Music


The Spinrilla with the name suggests, a cluster of Hip-hop and mixtapes music streaming for free. But at the free version of Spinrilla, music has short ads while streaming and you may choose the ads-free streaming, you may choose the premium version. It also includes the built-in radio feature for best music hits, instrumental music, and many local channels.

10 Gaana


If you are a Bollywood music fan, then the Gaana Music streaming app is perfect for you. Even you will get songs for many Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Bhojpuri, etc. Also, you will get the collection from Hollywood songs collection with many top movies and artists. All in all, this is a full entertaining app with unlimited music streaming application.

Final Words

There are many free Music Streaming Apps for Android available online but choose the best to get limitless songs to enjoy your pleasant time. You may experience plenty of music streaming apps, but now first learn about the apps and choose the best for you. For any recommendation or query, you may comment on the post.

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