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G4G Guns Has Bushmaster Products for Sale and More

G4G Guns

Competitive shooters can find a wide variety of products to fill a sling or a holster and perform admirably while at the range or during a competition such as 3-gun. However, there are certainly a number of names that help define the industry and set the standards for others and those to come. One such name is Bushmaster Firearms with G4G Guns.

Bushmaster has been offering the highest quality, highly dependable, and most highly regarded tactical arms in the shooting and sporting world since their inception. It can be difficult to improve upon a classic design and proven components, but Bushmaster offers the perfect balance of tradition and innovation in packages that are designed to outperform the competition. Looking for Bushmaster products for sale means you’re serious about your sport and need only the best.

Rifles like the Bushmaster Hunter Carbine in .450 Bushmaster set the stage for sporting arms that are capable of taking nearly any game in North America. Its stock features a recoil pad to help hunters, especially those accustomed to rapid follow up shots, absorb the abuse of heavy hitting rounds like the .450 Bushmaster features in this platform. It is offered with either a 16 or 20-inch barrel depending on the custom and preference of the shooter, and with a free floating barrel for optimum accuracy, this gun was made to tackle large and dangerous game like hogs.

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Perhaps something more along the lines of the Bushmaster Square Drop Pistol in .223 Remington is more suited to your shooting needs, whether they be competitive in nature or for the pursuit of game. With a 7 inch barrel, this gun is very much like a scaled down AR platform that straddles the area between a semi-automatic pistol with an extended magazine and a rifle. Especially with its chambering that is generally reserved for rifle platforms with barrels at least 16 inches long, this gun is designed for speed and target acquisition. With a capacity of 30+1, this platform is light, quick in the hands, and able to take lightning-fast follow up shots.

With a more familiar profile, the Bushmaster XM-15 Carbine brings most of our concepts of an AR style platform to the table in the ever popular .223 Remington. With a chrome molybdenum vanadium steel barrel, this platform is built to buck corrosion and rust in ways hitherto unseen. Its six-position telescoping stock can be modified to fit nearly any shooter for comfort, speed, and accuracy.

It also features an adjustable rear sight, something that is becoming somewhat of a rarity for modern rifles, but which can never be fully replaced with optics. Lightweight, adjustable, and with multiple desirables such as sling mounts, adjustable sights, and a reasonable capacity for high volume shooting, this rifle is a treasure for competitive shooters and hunters alike.

So when you need to find Bushmaster products for sale, there can be only one definite answer for where to find them. G4G Guns has been building a name for itself in an industry that many other players have been exiting. As companies rashly leave the outdoor sphere, G4G Guns grows in scope, now offering not only the most popular platforms on the market, but effectively everything an outdoorsman could need from an outfitter to complete a hunting, fishing, camping, or even hiking trip.

So while you may come to G4G Guns in search of Bushmaster products for sale, you’ll stay for the encyclopedia of outdoor gear, nearly unmatched anywhere else. Whether you end up needing a new knife, a set of decoys, or just some new boots, G4G Guns is the definitive answer to all your sporting needs. Head to G4G Guns today to get ready for next season.

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