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Need to Know When Choosing Standard and Plus Size Aprons for Your Restaurant

Plus Size Aprons

When you’re choosing the style of your restaurant or café’s uniform, there are a few key decisions to make. Understanding how much the uniform your servers wear can impact the way your guests view your business is crucial in choosing the best apron to suit your needs. Of course, certain aspects are universal. A good uniform apron should be durable, able to stand up to repeated and frequent washes and absorb spills without staining. Your uniform pieces also need to fit well for a sleek and professional look and choosing the right Plus Size Aprons.

The best suppliers, such as Best Aprons, will offer you both regular and Plus Size Aprons in a variety of cuts and colors to outfit your entire team and create a sense of unity.

To begin your uniform designing process, you must first find the right supplier. The more options provided the better, of course, but it’s also important to bear in mind the shipping and minimum order costs and how they will factor into your budget. However, if you order your aprons and uniform vests through Best Aprons, you will never have to worry about minimum order requirements; Best Aprons allows you to order as many or as few pieces as you need, so you can make a quick replacement of a few aprons as needed. Best Aprons is a crowd favorite for their high-quality fabrics and freedom of choice between styles, colors, and order sizes. Plus, all orders over $25 receive free shipping!

Best Aprons takes all the difficulty out of the apron ordering process, so we’ll be using their site as the basis for our step-by-step guide. Now that you’ve found your supplier, it’s time to settle on the cut of your uniform aprons. All styles include both standard and plus size aprons, so whichever cut you settle on can be used by your entire staff. Similarly, all of Best Apron’s garments are offered in the same range of colors to allow for seamless matching and to make placing future orders a simple matter.

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In order to pick the right cut for your business, first, ask yourself how much coverage your employees will need. If your staff is preparing food and/or beverages themselves, they will need a wider range of coverage to protect them from splatters, spills, and other kitchen mishaps. For these positions, seek out bib aprons, which will offer chest coverage as well as protection below the waist. In general, the larger the range of preparation tasks your staff will perform, the longer your apron should be. Thus, short bib aprons are appropriate for café counter clerks, but chefs working in the kitchen of a full-sized restaurant should wear mid-length or even full-length bib aprons instead.

As for your servers, the length of the waist apron you should use depends more so on the atmosphere you wish to great for your guests. The length of the apron will imply two things: the pace of the dining experience, and the formality of your setting. In businesses such as small dinners, where food comes quick and there is an air of comfortable casualness, shorter waist aprons are most appropriate. Meanwhile, informal restaurants where people are expected to spend a great deal of time (and money) on the experience of the evening with one another, a longer waist apron is the best choice.

Once you understand the language of cuts and styles, the rest of your uniform selection process is entirely up to personal preference. Choose whichever colors suit your atmosphere best and consider having your business logo embroidered onto your aprons. Last but not least, wear them with pride!

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