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Get Your Buck Knife Blades At White Mountain Knives

Buck Knife Blades

Buck Knife Blades are excellent. There’s no need to sugar coat it. It’s very hard to find a competitor that offers the same quality at a similar price point. That’s not even to mention the fact that Buck knife blades are warrantied against defect forever and their customer service is arguably the best in the industry. That still doesn’t mention that many of their knives are just downright handsome. When you’re in the field and you rely on your knife for shelter or food, it won’t matter to you much if at all what your knife looks like as long as it’s capable, but that’s just one more thing to love about Buck.

The fit and finish on their knives it excellent, and the quality of materials used is exceptional. Even cheap models that don’t offer a lot of flash offer simple aesthetics in aluminum and carbon fiber, and somehow even these look just fine. Higher-end models use brass, nickel, and ebony to complete their look, and many come with a leather sheath instead of the unattractive, if still functional, woven nylon that has become the standard. Buck knives use 420HC stainless steel, and this has been a polarizing issue in some knife communities. That being said, you can say whatever you want about 420HC, but Buck’s heat treatment is without comparison. Their knives come from the factory sharp enough to shave, hold those edges for a long time, and are very easy to resharpen even when they do get dull.

For a fixed blade, Buck offers many attractive options, and their flagship model is the Buck 119. This knife is comfortable in the hand and has a surprisingly sturdy grip for such a smooth handle. The blade has a strong spine and offers plenty of integrity for tough tasks like batoning and breaking through joints. It might appear like too much blade at first, but carry one and you’ll see that Buck did their homework when they were designing this knife. If the 119 is not to your taste, consider the Paklite Skinner, Selkirk, or 103 Skinner.

For a folder, especially for an EDC knife, it would be tough to beat Buck’s Nano Bantam Folder. At first, it honestly feels like the knife is too light to be used effectively, and admittedly the thermoplastic handle is so light it feels frail. However, put this knife to work carving or prying or twisting and you’re nearly guaranteed to be surprised at how sturdy the little thing is. It fits comfortably and unassumingly in your pocket – you’ll forget it’s there till you need it, at which point you’ll be very glad it is. Other good choices for EDC are the Vantage, Avid, Apex, Spitfire, and of course, the venerable model 110. The Buck Glacier is also a little known knife that is great for EDC, It is rock solid and has a pleasant weight in the hand.

Whether you intend to pick up a Buck for EDC, general utility, camping or hunting, one thing is for sure. If you take care of your Buck knife blades, those knives will be with you for the rest of your life. Many a Buck knife has been the constant lifelong companion of outdoorsmen across the country. If you’re looking for these or other Buck knives, you’ll be able to find an excellent selection at White Mountain Knives, where you’ll also get free shipping. And if you find that the knife you’re looking for isn’t listed, just contact them at [email protected] to see if they can find it for you. You’ll be pleased with their selection and their customer service and the free shipping is an added bonus. Take a look at the Buck Knife Blades in stock at WhiteMountainKnives.com today.

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