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The Guide To Suit Up Like The Hitman Of The Decade — John Wick

John Wick

Why John Wick?

Who doesn’t love to rock some killing looks? Right! So why not choose the man who really knows how to make some attractive statements and to kill someone and to look at the resumes of this decade’s Hitmen? Well, we all know John Wick is going to nail both things, killing looks and how to kill a man. Talking about nailing things, all the movies of John Wick have the best-featured actions/real action (not the CGI); the thing that really adds respect to the reputation of Keanu Reeves is that he really took months-long training for the use of firearms.

It’s kind of crazy to see how big of a cult is being established after the release of John Wick, and all of them are going absolutely crazy over a suit that has no other shade of black. Okay, We got it — it’s John Wick (duh) we are talking about! And an important thing to note here is what really makes this portrayal of Keanu a saucy one?

There is no way anyone can answer this in one sentence. There are many things that add up while talking about the action genre and the rakish featured looks. If you have watched this trilogy franchise, then at a certain point, thought of getting an astounding suit. Well, you aren’t the only one. On the parallel to the killing skills of John, he’s also one of the chicest hitmen ever featured in an action genre — So, are you ready to know all about how to dress to kill (not quite literally) and be the center of attraction just by rocking something sophisticated like a John Wick Suit.

The Minimalist Blazer!

The minimalist blazer is just the start or a foundation for the most astounding looks to re-engineer the iconic costume from the movie John Wick. Well, you gotta say the portrayed personality of John really reflects his entire look as his wife dies, got his dog killed, and got his car stolen by the Russian thugs; why the color black, you ask? The designer of John Wick has explained the reason why the color black’s because of his not so very happy life and the way he lost his wife dog, and even his car; Luca further added with such a character and storyline, there was nothing better than a nicely cut suit.

The mind-boggling suit for the wardrobe of the hitman of the decade has more than a single thing that makes this a wardrobe worthy piece of attire; the first and the main reason that really caused the cult-like fan bases to it is its sleek design with a lapel collar (with the graceful buttonhole on the left lapel), front pockets, the front is a buttoned closure, and this mind-boggling piece of attire is made up of cotton fabric, all the properties of his suit match every businessmen’s finest suit but John who in the actual world fights in his chic suit and with that precision and how?

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The Formal Shirt

From the entire guide of rocking the killer looks for an actual killer’s wardrobe, this is the easiest step in order to achieve that astounding look. Well, at this point, you have a choice to make according to your own taste or which movie you like more; John Wick 1 has the formal black shirt, and in the second installment, he wore a sleek, simple white shirt, so the choice is all yours here, so choose well and have the killer looks like the killer of the secret society.

Suit Pants

If you have seen the movie, this one thing might have gone through your head, how can he kick this high? Isn’t he wearing suit pants? Yeah, he is, but if you look closely, it’s a bit different (not really). The front of the pants is flat instead of pleated, and it ditches cuffs; talking about the fittings of it doesn’t fall in the category of slim fit pants as it is slightly tapered. This is how John manages to kick, stretch and move that way without being worried about ripping the pants.

A Little Bit of An Attitude!

Dressing/copying all that up may give you your desired looks, but to carry the looks around, you have to build up the personality that matches your outfit, not just for the suit. It goes for everything in your wardrobe. Anyone can have the looks but carrying and justifying it through your personality is a thing many skips, results in the whole vogue of their chic suit dampens a bit.

The Silk Tie

If there is anyone in the action movie that has shown the importance of a tie is John Wick. The thing that makes the entire look astounding are the little details of the whole outfit that really elevates the looks like no other onscreen looks.


Well, by now, discussing the shoes isn’t necessary as the overall theme of John’s apparel is all black and all formal. So the pair of shoes that goes with this amazeballs outfit is other than the best of the formal footwear, Oxfords. John Wick has set a bar for both the action movies and onscreen featured suits. Well, the most important thing about this whole guide is to make your looks more stunning and attractive. But, don’t forget to work on your personality a bit before wearing the Keanu Reeves.

John Wick Suit.

Because if you are a bad-mouthed man with some fancy fabric all over, your personality is going to be the reason to water down all your efforts. Keep this thing in mind, and giving a little attention to your personality is going to make your appearance more elegant. So the people around you would praise your looks and won’t hesitate to talk to you.



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