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Health Benefits of Eating Makhana on a Diet

Benefits of Eating Makhana

Extremely favorite amongst Indians for centuries, Fox Nuts, commonly called Makhanas, are undeniably the tastiest snacks one can always gorge on. A handful of makhanas is never enough to satiate your taste goblets since the greedy beast inside always craves for more. From being added to the sweetmeats like halwa, laddoo to being eaten raw, fox nuts have always found its special place in the Indian Cuisine. 

Besides its exquisite taste, makhana brims with several micronutrients that make it superior to other dry fruits. It contains 9.7% proteins, 0.1% fat, 0.5% minerals, 76.9% carbohydrates, and 104mg/100g of carotene. The calorific value of a raw makhana is 362 kcal/100gm and 328kcal/100 gram is that of a roasted makhana. This shows that its calorific value matches up to that of the staple food items like wheat, rice, etc. In China, makhana has always been used as a medicine and considered a mandatory constituent in baby foods. 

Makhanas, when roasted with spices and condiments, become exquisite in taste which everyone relishes. That’s why, Nakodas Dry Fruit Zone online store brings to you scrummy roasted makhanas in the form of Savoury Masala Makhana, Magic Masala Makhana and many more. From our store, you can buy makhanas online at highly affordable prices. Available in all different flavors to treat your buds, we have sourced the best makhanas which you can buy online. 

Below is the list of some of the health benefits of makhanas:

  • An effective snack for all those sweating out day and night to lose their weight, makhanas have low calories and infinitesimal amounts of saturated fats. The presence of an adequate amount of proteins in makhanas lets you stay full for longer after consuming them, thereby killing the urge to eat more and more. This makes it an ideal and healthy snack for weight loss.
  • Whether the Fountain of Youth is a myth or not, we all accept that aging is a natural process that needs to be embraced. One can never (and also shouldn’t try to) escape aging. But think of slowing down the inevitable process! Yeah, you can make it possible just by consuming makhanas, which have anti-aging properties. Makhanas help fighting free radicals as they contain kaempferol – a natural flavonoid that serves to slow down the aging process by keeping the signs of aging like grey hair, wrinkles, hair loss at bay.
  • The consumption of makhana, being a good source of calcium, enriches your bone strength. Calcium is a vital mineral that helps to maintain our bones and teeth healthy.
  • For those suffering from hypertension, consuming makhanas can be beneficial. Makhanas have low sodium content, which helps to normalize blood pressure levels and high potassium content useful in decreasing blood pressure levels. Again, its high content of magnesium and folate improves blood and oxygen, mitigates the risk of coronary heart diseases.
  • Makhanas are loaded with fiber which helps maintain regular bowel movement. Their regular intake results in improved digestive health and eliminates problems like constipation and indigestion. To get rid of excessive and frequent urination, makhanas can be of great help.
  • Makhanas aid in detoxification by removing toxins from the spleen – a burial place of cells. The spleen has a central role in the functioning of the immune system. It recycles Red Blood Cells (RBCs) and reserves the White Blood Cells (WBCs) and the platelets.
  • Makhana is a great snack for diabetic patients as its low glycemic index helps to keep blood glucose levels within a normal range. They are high on proteins and carbs and thus, their consumption does you no harm.
  • Their high thiamine content helps strengthen the cognitive function of the brain. Consuming makhanas triggers the generation of acetylcholine, thereby furthering the process of neurotransmission.
  • If you have fertility issues, you can consider taking makhanas as they better the semen quality, help with infertility issues in women.

The list is enough to speak for the goodness inherent in fox nuts. All your health-related worries will come to an end if you start including this yum snack in your diet. Of all the nuts, makhanas are incredibly nutritious. There is much more to it than taste. By becoming over-reliant on pills, we have lost the importance of the gifts of nature. Fox nut is one such gift that comes with additional health benefits. Take a handful of makhanas and begin availing the benefits.


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