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QuickBooks Automatic Backup, Scheduled Backup & Backup Reminders


When using QuickBooks, one of the most important features of this comprehensive application is its Quickbooks Automatic backup features. As you probably know, backing up your data is very important, and your financial information and processes are probably some of the most important data.

Although you may wish to return your normal computer to the service/system as a whole, it may not be as inclusive as the backup services provided by QuickBooks Customer Service.

Here are some instructions on how to set up QuickBooks Automatic Backup, Schedule Backup, and Backup Reminder – all of these are important steps to keep your financial and company data safe and secure.

Automatic Backups

QuickBooks can be set up for automatic backup after your company closes the file after some time. For example, you can set it so that every three times you close a particular company file, QuickBooks will perform a backup without any input from you.

How to set up QuickBooks Automatic Backup shortly:

  • Go to the File menu, choose Save Copy / Backup. This will open a save copy or backup window.
  • Select the backup copy entry, click Next
  • Click on the option to set your back defaults, ie where you want to save your local back up, etc. Click Next.
  • Either use this location or select the location. Click Next.
  • Schedule future backups only or click save now and schedule future backups; Click Next.
  • When I close my company file every <number> times box, automatically place the desired number in the backup copy.
  • Click finish

Scheduled backups

On the File menu, click Save Copy or Backup, which will open the Backup Wizard.

  • Click on the backup copy, then next
  • Click the option to set or verify your backup defaults (such as how you want to save the local backup). Click Next.
  • Click to schedule only future backups (creates a schedule that results in a backup). Click Next.
  • In the Schedule section of the backup window, click New.
  • Enter details for your backup. This name will display in the list of scheduled backups for straight future reference.
  • Click Browse to select the folder/destination that you want to store backup copies.
  • Note: Backups cannot be scheduled to CD-ROM.
  • You have the option of clicking the Number of the backup copies checkbox to keep and enter the number.
  • To open the store password, click on the store password and enter the requested login information. Make sure that the login you entered has permissions for the location.
  • Time, frequency and days selected for backup. For example, if you want to run a daily backup, select all days of the week, and run the job every “1” week.
  • Click OK and then you will return to the previous window. A scheduled back will appear in the list of backups on the scheduled window.

Backup Reminders

There may be times when you want to be reminded to make a backup; however, you may or may not want to actually create a backup. This is where you can set a reminder. Using this feature, you can determine when and how often you will be reminded. When the reminder appears, you can also choose whether to actually perform the backup. If you need help in Quickbooks then you can easily contact Quickbooks Support For Montana.

Here’s how to set up Backup Reminders

  • Go to the File menu, choose Save Copy or Backup
  • Select backup copy, click Next
  • Click on options
  • Tell us where to save your back up copies (required) field – you have the option to enter the exact directory, or you can browse in the direction you want to save the backup. You have the ability to change location when creating a backup; however, setting the default will save time.
  • When closing each <number> checkbox, select Remind me to back up, then enter the desired number
  • The next step is optional: add backup date and time to the file name (recommended) checkbox
  • Click OK


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