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How to Sign Documents Electronically In WordPress?


Electronic signatures are today widely used and accepted as a form of document authentication. However, being able to sign documents electronically can still be a daunting task. There is still a good number of people who are sending emails to and fro just to get documents signed.

This is not only time consuming but it involves a lot of paperwork. Fortunately, there are several electronic signature plugins in WordPress available that make it possible to sign documents electronically without having to send many emails.

If you have a WordPress digital signature plugin you will be able to handle your clients more professionally and this will save you a lot of time if they are located far. Free digital signature software has several advantages. Here are some plugins that you can use to make it possible for your visitors and customers to sign documents electronically on your WordPress website.

1. WP E-Signature From Approve Me

This is also an excellent choice when it comes to signing documents in WordPress. It comes packed with good features and it is only designed to enable a user to sign documents in WordPress legally.

Similar to DocuSign and HelloSign, it also enables you to upload unlimited documents and send them to relevant parties for signing. All this will be managed through your site. It is ESIGN and UETA compatible and this means that every signature is legally binding.

2. Creating Online Forms with E-signatures Using WPForms Signature Addon

Install an active WPForm on your WordPress site, once installed, get a signature Add-on. Once activated, you can choose to add a signature field to all your online forms. To do this you can either edit or create a new form then drag and drop it into the preview panel.

To make any changes to the signature form field, simply click on it and ensure that you set it as required so that the users are not able to submit the form without first signing it. Once you are done editing it, save it, and just like that you will have an e-signature option.

Embed the form on your website and test it. When your users need to sign a form, they simply can simply draw it on the required field where it will be saved as a PNG image. The user can also click on the X signature field, in case they make a mistake while signing and start over without having to reload the page.

3. Gravity Forms Signature Add-on

This makes it possible to sign documents online by allowing the user to sign forms using touchpads, touchscreen devices, or a mouse. The Gravity Forms add-on is elite and is only available with a valid Elite License, which you can find after installing Gravity Forms and the signature addon.

With this, you can easily add signature capabilities into the forms and also provide a simpler user interface that will allow your users to sign forms online. The signature when drawn will be converted into a PNG image then stored on your server.

4. WP Online Contract E Signature Plugin

Just like its name, this is a contract managed plugin that you can use to create, manage and save your contracts online and still have your clients sign them electronically from any device. It is great if you need an all in one contract management plugin because it can be incorporated with payment gateways using addons.

5. Formidable Forms Signature Addon

Using Formidable Forms plugins and its addon, you can add a customizable signature field to your forms. This is a free e-sign software plugin and is being used by a lot of sites. Just like with the other plugins, the signature field is added to a form and can also be customized.

The signature is converted to an image and store once it has been submitted. It is quite easy to collect signatures using Formidable Forms.

6. Contact Form 7 Signature Add-on

This is one of the commonly known free form builder plugins with millions of installations. Its main purpose is to create contact forms, though it has since done more than just that. This is because of add-ons like the free signature add-on.

The signature field on this plugin is added to the form using shortcode tags and can also be customized using CSS. If you use the Contact 7, this add-on will add the signatures to all your online forms.

7. Super Forms Signature

This plugin has a premium signature add-on that allows you to add a signature field to your online forms. It also allows you to customize the background image settings and line thickness when adding the signature field.

Just like with the other plugins, once a signature is submitted, it is converted to a PNG image and saved. This provides a free e-sign service for your users.

8. Signature Addon for ARForms WordPress Plugin

The developers of the well-rated premium form builder plugin have created a premium signature add-on for users who wish to use electronic signatures by adding a field to the forms. To sign, simply drag and drop your e-signature and it will be saved in PNG form.

9. Swift Signature Free WordPress Plugin

This plugin is part of the SwiftCloud business suite of services and it makes any WordPress page signable. Create a free SwiftCloud account to use this plugin. The signatures can be used on single pages and documents signed using it are legally binding.


The electronic signatures are not new and several companies have already embraced them. They are today legal in several countries and can be used in a court of law. To get an e-signature, talk to an online electronic signature software company, who will also help you create electronic forms for your business.

Remember you must use WordPress digital signature plugin if the forms in your website need to be legally binding. Electronic signatures save time and you can be able to gather all you need from your users fast.


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