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How to download apps without putting our Android mobile at risk?


Our smartphones are one of the most attractive objectives of cybercriminals, and there is a large amount of content on the Internet and even applications that can infect our mobile phones. It is possible that your mobile device is infected right now, making your mobile device run slower (in the best case), or directly stealing personal information from our smartphone (in the worst case). You need to learn about How to download apps without getting any danger in device.

How to avoid these problems and continue downloading apps to our mobile?

Download the applications from the official Google store or official website.

The most important security measure to download applications is to do it directly from the official Google store, that is, Google Play. We can also download the .apk application from the official website of the application that we are going to download. However, in the latter case, it is possible that there are “copies” of the legitimate website, making us believe that it is the official one, and it really is a copy that seeks to infect our device, just in order to take control of our mobile or of stealing private information.

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Use Malavida Android as the place to download our applications

There are many repositories of third-party applications that allow us to easily download a huge number of applications, to later install them manually (by installing the .apk) on our Android terminal. One of these sites is, for example, Malavida Android is a secure and reliable website, whose main objective is the possibility of downloading almost any application. Those responsible for this website analyze each and every one of the.APK that they have on their website with the popular VirusTotal service. Another positive point is that the download of the.APK files is really fast, and there is hardly any advertising on your website. Read How to Encrypt Your Android Phone?

Read the opinions of other users about apps

When we go to download an application, either from the official Google Play store or other sites, it is almost necessary to read the opinions of other users, since they will tell us if everything has gone well with the other people who have downloaded it. Although this is not infallible, it is a good recommendation when downloading applications that we have never used before, to know if it fulfills its mission or if there are any complaints.

Read the permissions you are asked for when installing it

Although sometimes it can be annoying to check all the permissions of a certain application on Android, if, for example, you download a “flashlight” application, it makes no sense that this app has to have access to contacts, call history or other similar permissions as access to the phone The most advisable thing is to read the permits that you require, and apply common sense.

We must begin to become aware of the apps that we install on our smartphone, and in addition, it is not enough to have an antimalware on our device, since it will be in charge of scanning the installed apps and that will notify us if there is any type of problem.

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