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How to Plan a Great Indian Wedding

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Indian weddings are a great affair. The enjoyment said all weddings can be compared to the celebrations at any big festival, and, it is quite obvious that the wedding preparation that goes into the planning of these weddings is quite extensive and can be quite daunting. It is important that everything even the smallest or the biggest needs to be very perfect. Management of so many aspects of a wedding is not easy. Preparing a checklist for all the work that has to be done at these headings can, however, helping to simplify the wedding preparations these checklists run in two pages. But the top 8 items of an Indian wedding checklist are as follows:-

1) Date of the wedding – The first and the foremost thing to decide when planning an Indian wedding is the date of the actual ceremony. In India the wedding dates are dependent on a very important factor which is astrology, therefore, you would need to meet the astrologer get the list of you good dates for the same and match them against the availability of the venue, etc.

2) Venue – You need to next decide the venue once the date of the wedding has been finalized, where all the functions and ceremonies of the wedding will take place. There is only 6 months season when all the wedding happens in India. Therefore you have to book your desired venue as soon as possible so that you don’t have to compromise for anything.

3) What to Celebrate – Once you are done with the planning of the when and where of the wedding the next thing you need to decide is the number and what all the functions you would like to hold at the wedding. Indian weddings include many different functions like Mehndi, Haldi, etc. Basically you have two options to celebrate one is you can do each function separately or you can do all the programs together.

4) Catering and Decor – Next you move to the planning of each of the functions this would include your making arrangements for catering and decoration that will be done during the wedding ceremonies. Food and Decorations are a very important part of Indian weddings and therefore require special attention.

5) Makeup and Dress – The wedding is the most special day of life for both the bride and the groom. They would like to look at prettiest when taking their vows for becoming husband and wife. You must also learn the self makeup especially for eyes, likewise best eyeliner for tightlining. Therefore you need to make sure that the Indian wedding makeup and wedding dress arrangements are all done properly for them.

6) Wedding Photography – You need to hire a good Wedding Photographer who would be able to capture the special moments of the wedding and make them memorable for you. Photography is one of the important factors in weddings. When the couple makes the commitment of staying together for like and hoping for love and happiness for each other.

7) Shopping lists – Besides clothes there is a lot of other stuff that needs to be purchased for weddings like jewelry, household stuff, etc. Make a list of the items and start shopping as soon as possible.

8) Invitation Card -The selection of a good wedding card is important and has emotional value. Hence, it takes a special time for the selection of the Invitation card. People expect through the invitation that how the wedding arrangements are going to be like. The Wedding Invitation Card needs to be very accurate, which means it contains all the necessary details like timings, proper address, etc. of the functions which guide your guest to reach the wedding venue.


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