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Choose a Reliable Carbide Drill Manufacturer

Carbide Drill Manufacturer

When it comes to high-speed cutting tools, there is no doubt that carbide is king. Solid carbide cutting tools like end mills and drill bits will last longer and outperform other options on the market. Deciding which Carbide Drill Manufacturer is a choice that will directly influence the quality of the tools you receive. If you want solid carbide milling cutters or solid carbide drills, we offer dozens of great options here at Online Carbide.

Online Carbide is an American carbide drill manufacturer. We specialize in producing high-performance tools for machinist’s shops. We take pride in our tools and we only start each using high-quality solid carbide stock. Unlike the low-quality carbide tools and carbide coated/tipped tools from overseas, our tools are designed to last and hold their edges. We use the same state of the art CNC grinding tools as other top manufacturers.

Unlike these big brands, we do not deal with middlemen to sell our products. When you by your drill bits and end mills from big box stores, part of the price tag includes this middleman cut. While When you buy tools from Online Carbide, you get manufacturer direct pricing every time.

The key to our tools is the carbide stock we use. Carbide has several unique properties that make it an ideal material for tool making. Carbide itself is actually a ceramic material composed of metal and carbon. In its raw form, carbide is typically a powder, though it is remarkably hard on a small scale. In order to take advantage of carbide’s toughness, it is cemented together using a metal. The resulting cemented carbide has the superior hardness and edge retention of ceramic materials, and the incredible strength on metal. This makes it both incredibly stable at high speeds and will keep them sharp much longer than a metal tool.

We offer a wide range of carbide tools. Whether you need a single pitch thread mill or a new jobber drill bit, you will find dozens of amazing options in our shop. We offer full form thread mills, Single pitch thread mills, Variable end mills, End mills for Aluminum, 6 Flute end mills, Chamfer mills, Drill mills, Center drills, Spot drills, Stub drills, and Jobber drills. Because we grind our own tools in house, we have been able to work with past customers before to produce custom cutters for their businesses.

Depending on the tool and its intended purpose, we treat our cutters with several types of coatings. The standard option is our bright finish, which is just polished carbide. The process of polishing does increase the rate of chip evacuation from the threads. For tools that will be dealing with high heat, we offer a TiAlN coating, which creates a protective layer of Aluminum oxide on the cutting surface at high temperatures. Finally, for our end mills for aluminum, we offer a ZrN coating which decreases friction to prevent fine aluminum dust from building up on the cutter.

So if your shop needs a new carbide drill manufacturer to buy cutting tools from, it’s time to visit Online Carbide. We know that you’ll be able to find the perfect tools for your shop. Our tools will stay sharp and their rigid carbide construction will help keep chatter to a minimum. If you have any questions about our cutting tools, you can reach a member of our team at [email protected] or call us between 8 am and 5 pm CST at 630-238-1424.

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