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Does mental issues cause erectile dysfunction?

mental issues cause erectile dysfunction

Many men suffer from the problem of ED i.e. erectile dysfunction or impotency. However, what is erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction or impotence is an inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual function. While some physical conditions contribute to increasing the situation of erectile dysfunction. Some mental conditions also play their part.

Some lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking, excessive intake of fatty and oily food and obesity can lead to the problem of erectile dysfunction. However, as said before some mental and psychosomatic issues are also the root of the problem of erectile dysfunction.

While some medicines like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra helps in treating ED. However, they don’t always help if the problem is emerged due to psychological reasons.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

  • Trouble and keeping and getting the erection
  • Low sex spirit

Mental causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Mental problems contributing to erectile dysfunction or impotence are not easy to identify, make a diagnosis, and treat. Some of the most common mental causes for ED are:


One of the most common mental issues, which leads to erectile dysfunction, is anxiety. Something that many people choose to ignore. However, anxiety causes some serious health problems such as increased heart rate, blood pressure, stress, and tiredness. These problems severely disturb your sexual performance.


Today, almost everyone leads a stressful life or experiences stress at some point in life due to various reasons. This stress seriously affects your sex life as well as your ability to maintain good or satisfactory sexual performance.


While many people refuse to acknowledge the problem of depression. However, it is one of the serious mental problems. Depression distresses both your personal and professional life as well as both sexual desire and sexual function.

Many men hesitate to seek help or talk about their situation to anyone. Therefore, it gets difficult to diagnosis.

However, once men start seeking medical help they feel normal as well as regain their sexual desire and interest. This leads to resolve the problem of erectile dysfunction and impotency.

Relationship problems

Certain problems or trouble in your relationship with your partner can also affect your sexual performance. Emotional troubles or mental abuse in a relationship causes a lot of problems, therefore, try to communicate with your partner or opt for couple therapy.

Quarrels, poor communication, silent treatment, and resentment affect your relationship, which leads to sexual problems with your partner. Working through this problem with your partner either alone or by talking with a consultant can help you to ease the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Distress from sexual dysfunction

Many people may not know, however, women also suffer from a similar problem, sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction is a problem in women when they have low sexual desire or unable to reach orgasm.

When men came to know that they or his partner is diagnosed with such a problem, it develops a fear in their mind. Fear and low self-esteem in men of never regaining the normal sexual desire. Or a sexual relationship with his partner affects the capability to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual activity.

These are some of the erectile dysfunction mental issues, which are needed to be acknowledged by both men and women in order to timely get medical assistance.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction

ED Drugs

Many people don’t know, however, psychological causes leading to erectile dysfunction cannot be treated with medicine. Medicines only help when a chemical imbalance such as the decreased flow of blood towards the penile region is causing the problem.

However, psychological issues can only be treated with therapy, patience, and time. Therefore, whenever, you face some problems in your sex life. Or when you are constantly having negative thoughts, immediately contact the doctor.

Well, there are medications in various dosages as well for erectile dysfunction treatment. The popular one is 50 mg Viagra containing sildenafil citrate as its main component. If we talk about its alternatives, there are several good medications available.

Cialis is a good option you can go for. It comes in various dosages from Cialis 5mg to its highest dosage of 60 mg Cialis. The best part of this medication is, its single dosage lasts for more than 36 hours.

Moreover, you can also try Levitra containing vardenafil. It is comparatively more effective than other ED medications. It also comes in several dosages from its recommended dosage of 20mg Levitra to its highest one of Levitra 60 mg tablets.

The bottom line

There is no denying that mental problems not only affect your mental health. However, these problems hamper with your daily life.

Depression, anxiety, stress and relationship problems play an important role in your sexual life. As much as people ignore, unable to satisfy your partner or maintain a dependable erection during sex leads to some anger issues also.

In case, you are suffering from erectile dysfunction talk with your doctor and partner. Together, you and your doctor can find root and management to bring your sexual health and desire back to normal. Good luck!

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