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How to Record Your Employees Window?

How to Record Your Employees Window

2020 brought “work from home” routine along, which brought the liberty of not coming to the workplace and offices. This sounds complete freedom and fun for employees, but an efficient monitoring system can help a little to keep them sane and not let them get distracted. Employees need to be supervised to keep them focused whether they are working from office or home. The monitoring system keeps them on alert so that they solely concentrate on their work. It let employers know about any activity that deviates with the prerequisite rulebook of the organization. It can also work as a beneficial tool in supervising, training, and helping workers.

There are many ways to keep an eye on your employee’s computers or tablets, but one of the easiest and efficient methods is to use the OgyMogy app. Whether you need a monitoring app for your small business or you want every move of your employee under surveillance in a well-established organization, OgyMogy is here for your help. You need to physically access the target computer to install and activate the application, and that’s it now you can record every move of respective windows activities. There are different ways to record your employee window through the OgyMogy application.

Real-Time Surveillance

You can observe every movement of employees in real-time in the form of camera snaps using the front camera of employee’s laptops or personal computers to make sure their presence in working hours. You can also check employee activities with captured screenshots with timestamps to maintain a check and balance of proper working hours and can manage or catch any suspicious activity red-handed.

Screen Recording

record window screen

Using windows monitoring software, you can easily record relatively short videos of the targeted devices to track any suspicious or secret activities of employees. Along with recorded videos, you can also check the real-time coverage of the windows screen of the targeted device using this application.

Voice bugging

To record digital footprints of employee windows system another way is to check the voice and chats of employees and its surrounding remotely by bugging the mic of the targeted windows. This allows you to easily listen to the conversations and voices of employees, to track all the happenings, and to know that whether employees are utilizing their energy and organization resources in the right way or not .voice bugging also provides surprise checks by remotely turning on the targeted device mic to listen to random chats or conversation inside the office room.


Another way to monitor every activity of employee window is through keylogging. This feature allows you to know every typed word from key searches to email id and passwords, social media usage or messenger chats, etc. After the installing the OgyMogy employee monitoring app in respective computers, you will get remote access of that device keyboard activities. Thus, from every email sent or received to simply applied keywords, the employer can get a record of everything with timestamps to judge the commitment of employees with their work.

Cyberspace Monitoring:

Internet is a huge crazy world; thus, it is necessary for any corporation benefits to halter extra time-wasting activities such as browsing entertainment sites or using social media in the office. OgyMogy helps you keep in check the online activities of employees. In fact, the employer can hold full remote control over it. The employer can block certain websites by simply applying key words, filter or by specified URLs. Thus, nobody will get access to those blocked websites, whether they are any social media platforms, online gaming web portals, or shopping sites. It will prevent them from getting involved in unworthy activities during office hours and will increase individual as well as team productivity and will prevent wastage of company resources.

Flexible Remote Access:

OgyMogy gives employers remote access which means they can keep an eye on their employees at any time from any location. By using this app, employers can have remote access to some windows activities, e.g., rebooting application, disconnecting the internet. Employer will have access through online control panel hence will be able to not only reboot, install, or delete any application but can also reset license agreements, disconnect internet or block messages. It can control the syncing mechanism using a web portal. Moreover, it can limit the uploading of data from targeted employee windows, thus preventing any leakage of confidential documents.

Location Recording

You can record employee windows activity by only tracking live location on the map. You can track the complete history of the location of the targeted device on a daily and weekly basis with time records to know employee’s movement and whereabouts in working hours. You can get minor to the major record of employee windows in the form of simple and easy to read reports, whether its live screen activity or small screen recordings, reports of chats and messengers to any other communicational activity. In short, the employer can keep an eagle eye on every worker by simply installing the OgyMogy app.



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