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Breaking The Coronavirus Jinx With Remote Working Solutions

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The coronavirus pandemic has turned conditions of service on their head. Work from home has become the new normal. The same has been advised by government authorities and health organizations to avoid close contact for fear of contamination. Companies are now adopting remote working solutions to battle the difference in workspaces. Most businesses, however, plan to reopen their offices in a few months.

Swimming against the tide, Google has recently announced that they will be allowing their employees to work from home till the end of the year. For those whose physical presence is required, the tech giant will allow access from June or July with increased safety conditions.

Facebook followed suit considering warnings issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), John Hopkins University, and government authorities. Twitter one-upped this by announcing a ‘work from home’ strategy for as long as employees wish it. It is expected that more companies will employ similar approaches.

More companies are attempting to adapt to this setup while making the most of their resources. Effective communication is key. This is the ideal time to uptake cloud solutions that will provide remote working options and streamline your operations.

Why should you consider cloud solutions?

Cloud solutions refer to various computing services run online / work from home services that one can acquire on-demand. Cloud telephony, in particular, helps you replace traditional methods of calling by enabling communication through a third-party host. You can continue your call networks without bulky infrastructure or human error. Apart from the advantages mentioned, here are six reasons to employ cloud telephony at your workplace:


Accomplish the functionality of a telephonic conversation without the cost of traditional phone lines. Connected to the internet, cloud telephony services allow you to save your current expenses spent on infrastructure and personnel (receptionists or operators).

Quick switch

Years of using landlines have made companies skeptical of switching to cloud telephony. In reality, the process to change formats is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. Landline numbers used for operations can be routed to the cloud phone when called. Without any change in your information to the public, you can opt for cloud solutions in the duration of work from home.

No hardware

A concerning factor while transforming operations to work remotely is the location of the hardware. It is not possible to provide every employee with the necessary infrastructure at their residence. Cloud telephony systems provide a remote working solution to this issue. No hardware, no problem. Since cloud solutions operate through internet connections, there is no longer a need for any transportation of infrastructure. Simple devices such as a computer and internet connection are all you need.

Customer satisfaction

Consumers seek brands that are responsive to their requests. They want to feel heard and accordingly served. Using cloud solutions, your customers can talk to experts and solve issues in a few simple steps. Save their time while you furnish your brand image.


Classic telephone connections require receptionists and operators. This inherently increases the risk of human error. Using IVR (Interactive Voice Response), calls will be accurately rerouted to the preferred agent. Additionally, you can ensure that the automated system greets your customer exactly as expected.


Appealing to the uniqueness of a caller is a great way to create a connection and impress. Cloud telephony solutions allow you to customise your message for individuals. Make use of your caller ID database to employ various languages and names.

How can you use cloud telephony to provide remote working solutions?

1. Encourage social distancing while staying productive

The importance of social distancing in the age of COVID-19 has been reiterated continually by health and government authorities. It is the company’s responsibility to account for safe practices by its employees at work. With that said, productivity does not need to suffer the consequences. Cloud telephony provides you with remote working solutions so that you can carry on work as before but at a safe distance. Keep employees and customers content without compromising your business’ performance.

2. Centralize your data storage

Maintaining physical copies of data is the standard practice at traditional workplaces. This system poses constraints when employees require them in separate locations, especially when a large number of workers are involved. Cloud solutions reserve records and documents at a common access point allowing your employees to obtain information from any part of the world. It saves your time, money and effort otherwise spent.

In a work from home situation, personnel can get involved from anywhere they reside. The process is efficient and effective, quickly allowing you to adjust to the new format of operations.

3. Analyse customer data online

To grow your business, you must consistently tend to the consumer’s interests. Surely there are traditional methods of accomplishing the same. However, cloud solutions have made the process simpler and more efficient. With options such as call recording and feedback, you can paint a clear vision of what you must do next. You can gather data on which services are eliciting a higher or lower response from the public.

4. Save money

The ripple effect of COVID-19 has hampered the cash flow in the market. Businesses must take precautionary measures regarding expenses and conserve money wherever possible. As mentioned earlier, cloud solutions allow you to limit expenditure and promise a higher return on investments. The automated system ensures customer satisfaction that will more likely lead to increased sales.

4. Keep tabs on performance from a distance

Cloud solutions establish a means for companies to create and harness remote working solutions. However, it is essential to maintain the quality of calls while availing this service. Fortunately, this is a simple task. With call-logging, recording and monitoring features, any superior can keep a track of a subordinate’s work remotely. Evaluation and appraisal can be accurately managed with the data provided.


Work from home is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. Under the effects of the pandemic, the market is volatile and unpredictable. Hence, it is imperative to maximize performance and limit costs. Both are possible and effective with cloud solutions. The automated system allows you to shift to your ‘work from home’ gameplan quickly and with ease. It is easy to install and maintain in the future. Many companies will soon join the bandwagon that Google, Facebook, and Twitter are currently leading. The work from home situation is here to stay and cloud telephony provides the most dependable remote working solutions for the aforementioned.



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