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Inexpensive home improvement ideas to increase the value of your property

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During the pandemic, the number of people flocking to Goa for work-ations and holidays has increased manifold. With the inflow of tourists looking for short and long stay options, and many looking to buy a home in Goa, the demand for property has soared. If you are thinking of putting your villa in Goa up for sale or rent to make the most of this upward tick in the market, you should probably look out for home improvement ideas and ways that could enhance its value.

This would ensure that you get the most value for your property. Home renovations do end up being a tad bit expensive but, when it’s done the right way, it can definitely turn out to be extremely cost-efficient. 

With the help of the right home improvement ideas, the selling price or rental value will not only increase but also your renter’s/buyer’s quality of life. 

Note the Inexpensive Home Improvement Ideas

Before making up your mind with what home improvement idea you wish to incorporate, be sure to stress what exactly you would want to accomplish, its long-term benefits as well as the expenditure required. A few simple yet effective tips for upgrading your luxury apartment or villa without having to burn your pocket are: 

1. Embed in greenery 

Whether you live in an ordinary home or an extravagant row villa for sale in Goa with a pool, adding in some greenery can create a relaxing vibe and ambiance. Indoor and outdoor green plants along with some wooden furniture can surely go a long way into enhancing the value of the place. Additionally, plants contribute to controlling the temperature, purifying the air, and making your space eco-friendly.

Even a few low-maintenance and shade-friendly plants like orchids and money plants can make a difference. What’s even better is that in Goa, you will find plenty of plant nurseries selling flowering and fruit plants. You will also find several roadside furniture shops, and if you look close enough, you can snag some great deals. Buying plants and outdoor furniture is an easy, affordable way to boost your home’s value.

2. Fix sinks and bathroom fittings 

If in case your property is old, the bathrooms and sinks may require some sort of maintenance. Hence, get a hold of your plumber and get all those leaking pipes and faucets fixed. Change the ceramics, toilet flushes, and showerheads too. Proper washrooms help in getting a better deal with an appropriate price if in case your villa in Goa is for sale or rent. 

3. Give your home a fresh coat of paint 

With so many properties in Goa, how do you ensure that you have a good enough buyer base to get the highest price possible? Painting your pool villa in Goa, especially the interiors will surely give out a brilliant luster and make it look brand new.

In fact, if you drive around Goa, you will find plenty of old, crumbling houses for sale. When potential buyers see these, they are put off by the amount of renovation and refurbishing they would need to do. Of course, this adds to the cost of buying the home and making it liveable.

A simple coat of paint or even opting for floral or minimalistic wallpaper will give your home a more soothing vibe. Another great option would be removable wallpapers as they too can bring about a great change. 

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3. Level up your kitchen cabinets 

Dull and pale kitchens often seem to look quite boring thus turning away potentially interested buyers or renters. In order to improve the lookout of your kitchen altogether, revamp gloomy cabinets and ensure that the cabinet frames and doors are structurally sound and are of a brighter colour. Lastly, repair any damaged or faulty doors and switch the knobs and locks. 

4. Intensify the visual area of your home 

If your luxury apartment in Goa is small in size, it may not seem attractive to any prospective buyer or tenant unless you play with the illusion of added space. Increasing the size of your house may be impossible but enhancing its visual space and outlook is definitely possible.

Mirrors or mirrored objects that are present in the house make the area appear much larger than it actually is as well as attract in a whole lot of light. If your home is small, stay away from large sofas and cupboards as this would make the space appear even smaller.

5. Aggrandize the look and functionality of the entrance 

House entrances often are overlooked. Adding a few accessories during the renovation process of your home could probably manifest a distinct personality to your pool villa in Goa. Publicly showcasing a collection of vintage accessories or adding a stylish bookshelf or any sort of alike embellishment will definitely bring about a drastic change. Well-painted doors and walls give out a neat and clean touch. 

6. Increase your storage space

Storage space is a huge advantage for potential buyers of property in Goa. Adding open shelves in your bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom comes at a minimal cost but helps a buyer envision his items and trinkets in the home. Similarly, add bathroom cabinets or a cupboard by the doorway for potential homebuyers to store their shoes, raincoats, and more. Invest in a few quality pieces such as showcases, or in dual-purpose furniture pieces such as tables or beds that open out into a storage unit underneath.


Think about it – when you go around looking for a space to buy or rent, would you prefer a shabby home that looks bare or a home that appears to require little to no additional work after moving in? Properly evaluating and visualizing ways to improve the look and feel of your home is thus a very crucial requirement. Every house demands special treatment and with the above-stated home improvement ideas and tips in mind, you can easily beautify and boost the value of your luxury apartment in Goa.

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