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Rich and Healthy Munching Option to Stay Fit

Healthy Munching Option


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Food craving with hunger is too natural to happen even when you are following a strict diet or keto diet. Even you feel more craving to eat while having diet plans. This is natural, isn’t it? Every person has different taste and choices to eat and different craving, but what matter is munching should be healthier. But many of you couldn’t find the right healthy munching option which is filled with rich nutrients and that is common.

We are running with busy life schedule, some people have jobs, business and many women are occupied with household stuff to handle, even kids are having a tight schedule with their schooling and online classes. True, right? The answer is yes. Every single person is busy with their routine life. But Food and hunger are connecting to power up your tight schedule. But choosing the healthy munching option would benefit you in boosting up your metabolism, energy, and immunity level.

Best Healthy Munching Options

Pick the right food to fill up your food craving with taste and health together. Here we are with great healthy munching options to pick for you and even serve your family to add to their daily lifestyle.

1 Dry Fruit and Nuts

Dry fruits and nuts are the best healthy munching option even for all day. Nuts are rich in protein and good fats but we recommend you intake salt-free nuts. Sometimes you can but taking salty and cooked nuts in routine won’t help your health. Even you should make a limit on a single slot of intake nuts, as these have a good amount of calories. 

The bonus tip, if you start eating the soaked nuts in the morning start to fill an empty stomach that would develop your metabolism.

2 Boil Eggs

Boil Eggs

Eggs are another source of protein and good fats. Even egg is very rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), Vitamin B12 (cobalamin), Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), Phosphorus, Selenium, Carbs, and Cholesterol. And all nutrients are balanced to make your appetite filled from hunger and food craving.

The egg is self-earned with taste and nutrients but if you want some twist on taste, then you may add raw salad like onion, tomatoes, bell papers, and a pinch of spices. This will turn on the taste of the boiled egg to fill your food craving.

3 Roasted Makhana (Fox Nuts)

You may be habitual of eating chips and sticks sort of snacks and love to eat in that way. You can switch to roasted Makahna, on which you can sprinkle mixed herbs and a pinch of salts to set your taste. If you like spicy food, then you may add peri peri masala additionally. The best part is that the Makhana is low in calories and enriched with carbohydrates, fiber, protein, potassium, magnesium, iron & zinc.

4 Oats

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Oats are healthy whole grains enriched with protein and fiber. The best part is, you can make it to your taste and it won’t dilute its nutrition. Oats take time to cook, but you make it with little milk with a pinch of sugar, nuts, and fruits. The rich munching snack option is there. But you don’t like this milk and sweet form then you can pick the other option of salty flavors. You can add the veggies to add the crunch and add little spices, that would be another rich munching snack. 

5 Yogurt

Yogurt is the best healthy option enriched with protein and fats, you may also combine it with berries, which is the best source of anti-oxidants. This would be a tasty and healthier combination and you may not regret this. The bonus benefit is that it is less in calories and would help you to get a balanced diet.

6 Mixed Seeds

The seeds are a great option for munching even anytime all day long. You may pick seeds like chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, basil seeds, and many more. Every seed has a different ratio of nutrition which can help you to boost up your immunity. You may intake this with green tea or camomile if you are doing any diet plan.

7 Sprouts Salad

The sprouts are the best nutrient source that can improve your metabolism, heart, and level of blood sugar. Sprouts are enriched with protein, phosphorus, manganese, vitamins C and K, folate higher.

The other good fact is that this is low in calories which is good to fill your appetite with a balanced diet. You can make the salad with sprouts and other raw veggies as per your taste and sprinkle the spice and lemon over this salad.

Bonus tip, you can intake the sprouts in many varieties like salad, rice, eggs/omelets, soups, curd, or other snack items. But measure the quantity to balance your calorie.

8 Poha/Chivda

This dish is counted as a light snack and is most popular in Indian. But the making pattern is different in all states, and this is the part of Poha. You can cook in roasted snacks, salad form, pulao style or many other ways. This is enriching with fiber, iron, and carbohydrates which makes it another source of nutrients.

9 Fruit Salad

If we talk about fruits and vegetables, that is counted as the healthier food. You can have fruit salad to satisfy your craving. But always prefer to choose the seasonal fruits as that have the nutrient for relevant weather outcomes.

Some fruits like banana and papaya can be intake all season. Every fruit has a different level of nutrient and also contains sugar so must set the quantity to take a balanced diet and that will power up your stamina.

10 Soup

Another healthy option is soup, which is available in variety and you can pick that as per your taste. This is the great part of the soup, that it has lots of varieties like tomato soup, vegetable soup, pumpkin soup, mushroom soup, minestrone soup and many more, so you can pick the option as per your taste and mood.

The nutrients and benefits vary in all types of soup, but you may have without any regret because that is going to benefit your health.

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11 Popcorns

The great option with whole grains for munching. You can drizzle the corns with olive oil or butter and add the seasoning of dry herbs and spices. This is counted in very light snacks, even this is a low-calorie food with fiber which improves your digestion. Popcorns are a good source of polyphenols antioxidants which help you to boost up blood circulation.

12 Dark Chocolates

Wow! Chocolates are the ones that can’t be denied, and almost everyone loves them. This is the combination of health and taste and time to give a small treat to yourself. You can satisfy your craving with some square of dark chocolates and you can pair it up with nuts or roasted oats and that would be the best combination.

13 Cheese Masala Corns

Corns are the best source of nutrients and great in taste. Corns are the rich source of vitamin c and antioxidant, also cure you of the disease like cancer and heart attacks. Also adding cheese would add the good fats and protein which will complete the nutrients. You may spice up the Cheese masala corns with dry herbs and other spices you like.

14 Baked Sweet Potatoes

Choosing the baked sweet potatoes will reach you with the complete nutrient carried in it. Especially, if you are on diet, then this is a really good option to intake and this will help you in weight loss. This is the combination of vitamins and minerals which boost up the immunity system and protect your reproductive system to prevent organs. The loaded nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, Zinc, Phosphorus & Thiamin.  

15 Sandwiches

Sandwiches are the best available option when you feel like munch. And you can have different varieties of options in sandwiches to pair with. You can have cucumber sandwiches, mixed veggies, paneer sandwiches, and if you eat eggs then you can add boiled egg or omelet.

Wrapping Up

Hope you like these healthy munching option, which may best suitable to satisfy your craving. But stick to a healthy diet pattern to stay healthy and for others keep your one day in the week as a cheat day to treat yourself. And share more ideas of healthy munching option, if you have any. Because food and its creativity are endless, so share your ideas to entertain everyone to get healthy food.

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