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CS: GO ranks, Explained

CS: GO ranks

Counter-Strike the name is enough to give you an adrenaline rush if you are a gamer. Are you curious to know how the ranking system works in CS: GO ranks? Then you are in the right place. This game needs your patience, caliber, repetitive endeavors, and perseverance.


List for CS: GO ranks

You have to improve your aiming skills with each game to have an edge over your competitors to ace in this game. So, be ready to know the CS: GO ranks system, from highest to lowest:

1. Silver Elite I

Welcome to the journey warrior. It is the first rank you can get in CS: GO. Be courageous and reach the triumph.

2. Silver Elite II

This level of the CS: GO is filled with newbies where players learn to use their weapons wisely to go ahead in the game.

 3. Silver Elite III

Players start improving their game at this level. Here players get a better understanding of the game.

4. Silver Elite IV

It is one of the highest ranks of Silver in CS: GO. HERE you will start to see new tactical rounds.

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 5. Silver Elite

It is a good rank in CS:GO if you are just starting the game. You will get into matchmaking soon. Improving your strategies is a must to go ahead in this game.

 6. Silver Elite Master

Silver Elite Master is the highest rank in the Silver category. Players need to have serious dedication to reach this level as now the players are not so new to this CS: GO Autoexec.

7. Gold Nova I

Gold Nova I is the first rank in the GOld NOva category where you will go through new techniques to improve your game.

 8. Gold Nova II

A nice rank is Gold Nova II in CS: GO where most of the CS: GO players reach without much struggle. From here the players start to be engaged in serious games with strong opponents.

9. Gold Nova III

It is in the intermediate ranks of CS: GO. You need to improve more and more as with every new stage the game will be tougher and intense.

It has a common rank in CS: GO and contains a large portion of the player base. Halfway between Silver I and The Global Elite it is also marking as a middle ground across CS: GO ranks.

10. Gold Nova Master

If you have this rank then you are very close to the Global Elite rank. It is a great achievement for the players to make it here. Players should use the smoke grenades very effectively as well as they should be efficient enough to AK-47 ANd M45 in this level of CS: GO.

11. Master Guardian I

In this rank, players are really skilled. Around this rank you have to progress your learning of CS: GO to tackle with clever minds awaiting for you in higher ranks of this game.

12. Master Guardian II

In this rank, you start improving your skills as here your need to have a proper aiming skill to move ahead in later stages. Great players with constant hits and rapid headshots come into the limelight of CS: GO.

13. Master Guardian Elite

Here the real game starts when the game becomes intense as you start playing with the strong competitors of the game who are ready to knock you out any moment in CS: GO.

14. Distinguished Master Guardian

This great rank gives you the opportunity to play against the strongest players which can surely benefit you to increase your strength.

15. Legendary Eagle

If you possess a high amount of skill, superb aim, great game knowledge with the proper understanding of the maps then you can reach this rank in CS: GO which is Legendary Eagle.

16. Legendary Eagle Master

The third highest rank is Legendary Eagle Master in CS: GO. You belong to the cream-layered players of this game.

17. Supreme First Master  Class

You have come a long way to reach The Global Elite tag which is one step away from you to make you one of the greatest players of this game. This Supreme First Master Class rank shows how strong a player you are.

18. The Global Elite

The highest rank in CS: GO where the tag of The Global Elite is Waiting for you to crown you the best of the best. If you come this long in your journey then you belong to the 0.7% of the best players on the battlefield.



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