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Pilates for Weight Loss- Does It Really Work?

Pilates for Weight Loss
Pilates for Weight Loss

Pilates for Weight Loss is popular and good for low-impact physical exercise similar to yoga. It is practiced all over the world. Primarily, it is effective for improving posture, building lean muscles, and increasing inner strength, but it has many more health benefits. Those includes:

  • Improving flexibility
  • Balancing masculine strengths
  • Relaxing shoulder, neck, and upper back
  • Reducing stress level
  • Helping in coping with mental illnesses
  • Increasing concentration and meditation abilities
  • Improving physical coordination and balance

Apart from these benefits, it helps you keeping yourself completely fit and healthy and avoiding most physical and mental diseases. But, does Pilates help in weight loss? Many often ask this question to us. Perhaps, you are also one of those who want to know the answer to this question.

Well, we have prepared this guide for you. It will help you know the complete truth of practicing Pilates for weight loss. Let’s take a look below.

Pilates for Weight Loss

Pilates is a set of exercises not specifically designed for weight loss. Its primary purpose is to help people improve their posture & balance and maintain a healthy weight and body shape to be completely fit and healthy.

But yet, Pilates is effective for weight loss. Yes, it may not be as effective as swimming, running, gyming, and other cardio exercises are, and that’s because you burn fewer calories while practicing Pilates. If you add some cardio exercises or gymming activities alongside Pilates, it would be the best combination for losing weight and keeping yourself 100% fit and healthy.

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Pilates + Cardio Excercise + Healthy Diet

Pilates as a single unit is never going to benefit you for losing your additional weight. You need a combination of additional physical exercises and a healthy diet with a full body Pilates workout to effectively lose your additional weight.

It would be best if you add gyming, running, swimming to your routine. It will surely help you lose weight gradually.

What Do Studies Say?

Several studies have been conducted so far to know whether practicing Pilates is effective for weight loss or not. However, the studies have mixed opinions about it.

A study conducted in 2017 found that practicing Pilates helps in losing weight. Alongside, it found that it lowers the BMI, tones the waist (shape the body), and decreases abdomen and hip circumference.

In this study, the researchers observed 30-50 age 37 obese women who practiced Pilates for eight weeks.

Another study conducted in 2015 found 12 weeks of practicing Mat-based Pilates make no changes in body composition. However, the participants got other health benefits.

These studies may put you in a dilemma, but you should not be affected by these studies. It would be best to consult your doctor about what’s best for you.


Pilates as a single unit is not effective enough to help you lose weight. But a combination of Pilates, Cardio exercises, and a healthy diet is effective enough for weight loss. If you are aimed at losing your additional weight, it would be best to consult your doctor or Pilates trainer. He/she will suggest to you what’s best for you.

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