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Know about the best neurosurgeons in Delhi


Why there is a need of a neurosurgeon

In kids, neurosurgery is normally expected to address an issue that was available during childbirth, for example, liquid gathering in the mind (hydrocephalus). Injury is an extremely regular explanation behind neurosurgery.

After serious injury to the head, the cerebrum regularly starts to swell and medical procedure might be performed to discharge this weight and to furnish the mind with space to swell without bringing about additional harm.

Envision spraining a lower leg, a while later the lower leg moves toward becoming wounded and swollen. The mind does likewise when harmed, yet is encompassed by the bones of the skull.

As the cerebrum swells, weight inside the skull increments and can cause extra harm. Now and again the swelling is severe to the point that a bit of the skull should be evacuated so as to enable the swelling to occur without harming different regions of the mind. At the point when the swelling goes down, the bit of skull can be supplanted.

Malignancy can likewise be the reason that neurosurgery is required as disease can happen in the mind and along the spinal line. Further, the doctors conduct a procedure by the name of debulking where the size of the tumor is reduced or completely done away with.

Whenever there is any kind of injury on the head or any part of the head, then the head swells as the blood clots in the region and immediately after the swelling or immediately after the injury if you fall unconscious then it is considered not to be a good sign.

If you do not fall unconscious then the head injury is pretty normal and it can heal after a few times. But a blackout even for few seconds can turn out to be pretty injurious to the entire body.

Thus, it is strongly advisable that during any sort of blackout or anything related to that one should visit and consult the neurosurgeon in order to know that everything is fine or not.

What is neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is a specialty that basically deals with the nervous system. It is basically confined to the surgery of the brain, nervous system or the related body parts.

One significant part of neurological medical procedure is the job neurosurgeons play in supporting crafted by different doctors. For instance, orthopedic specialists frequently perform systems on the spine to treat innate distortions, awful wounds, malignant growths or different conditions.

In the event that the method includes the focal sensory system, or if there’s potential for nerve harm, a neurosurgeon may work together with the orthopedic specialist during the arranging stages or the technique itself.

Vascular specialists and interventional radiologists may likewise depend on the help of neurosurgeons when performing systems with neurological ramifications. The neurosurgeon’s specific ability can frequently enable different doctors to limit or maintain a strategic distance from nerve harm during their systems.

Top Neurosurgeons in New Delhi

Best neurosurgeons in New Delhi are as following

  •  Dr Rana Patir– With an experience of over 27 years, Dr Rana Patir is one of the most acclaimed doctors in the profession of neurosurgery. He has settled as a medical practitioner in New Delhi. He has conducted over 10,000 surgical procedures pertaining  to neurology and thus, he is considered to be one of the top neurosurgeons in the city of Delhi.
  •  Dr, Vs Mehta– He is one of the renowned neurosurgeons with an experience of over 37 years. He is a practicing surgeon in Paras Hospitals Gurgaon.
  •  Dr Anil Kansal– One of the most successful and acclaimed neurosurgeons in new Delhi. With over 23 years of experience, he is one of the best neurosurgeons in the country.
  • Satnam Singh Chhabra– With an experience of over 36 years, he is a neurosurgeon at the Sri Ganga Ram Hospital. He also serves as the senior-most member and VC of the department of neurosurgery.


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