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Best Balance Diet for Good Skin Tone


In the running lifestyle we don’t care about the good and bad factor, as the diet is the major fact to keep your skin glow and shine. The condition of your skin actually depends on your liver health which can cause if it perform its function properly and toxin ratio in your body affects the skin.

It matters what you eat and what time you eat. Here are some beauty tips.

For the Dry Skin: – If you have the dry skin then you must eat the diet to cure your skin from the dryness. Likewise, you can eat olives, rice bran oils for cooking purpose and you can also add the omega 3 in your diet from walnuts, fish or the you can take the supplements form. You must drink the 3 litters of water every day or you can also add the coconut water and veg juices.

For the Oily Skin: – You must cut down your sugar intake and ignore to intake the dairy products, but you can consume the Almond mil instead.  Must avoid the fried food as it contains the bad fats which cause the skin. You can start consuming the high fibre grains in your daily routine likewise, jowar, bajra, oats, quinoa etc.

For Sensitive Skin: – You must avoid the junk and spicy food as well as ignore the allergic food type. You can add the raw foods likewise, seeds nuts, sprouts beans, fruits, veg salads etc. Must add antioxidants food like Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Must collect the best beauty tips for your skin and body to look glower and stay healthy & always use the best face creams for your skin.


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