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Selecting The Best Face Creams for Your Skin

Best Face Creams for Your Skin

The different environmental aggressors such as sunlight, cold and pollution can radically damage the skin and cause common skin problems like acne, psoriasis, wrinkles and dry skin.  Nearly all girls are therefore always

searching for the best lotions to help them combat these skin problems.

With thousands of face creams out there in the current market, how do you choose what’s ideal for your skin?  Well, there are a few tips any girl should follow before purchasing any skin care products.

Need to find Skin Type:

First of all, it’s important to take a look at what skin type you have, since there are a variety of face lotions, which are made specifically for a particular skin type.  In case you have oily skin by way of example, you will have a distinct skin texture than somebody with dry skin and will therefore, want a milder face cream which will prevent skin getting oily during the day.  In case you’ve got a combination skin, you are leading with the two opposite extremes of the skin type: oily and dry.  A frequent mistake often made by women using combination skin is buying creams for oily skin that will often result in dry skin on your T-Zone area and oily skin in brow and cheeks.  It’s crucial that you stick to face lotions that are created for your individual skin.

As soon as you know which skin type you have, you should always have a closer look into the active ingredients included in the face cream products, prior to purchase.  Very good lotions will normally have antioxidants to keep your skin hydrated and accelerate the natural skin care cycle.   However, do try to avoid mineral based creams at all costs, since they have been proven do to more damage than good, even if you suffer from intense dry skin, mineral oils can form a layer on the surface of your skin, blocking pores and leading to breakouts.

Other considerations you should take before purchasing a specific face cream is studying consumer reviews. Consumer reviews will allow you to find out what face lotions work or not.

Beauty Advisor for Advice:

In addition, it is reasonable approach and inquire beauty advisors for advice about your skin type, as they can often advice you about which products to use on your particular skin, or even better if it’s possible to book yourself for a totally free consultation.  Most beauty chains and department stores are going to have these kinds of offers to attract and entice customers, so why not use this freebie.  Even if your selected product contains the very best ingredients, then it may still not be suitable for your skin.

So look closely at how the item reacts to your skin.  An item with high concentrations of active ingredients can initially create your skin react just a little bit and cause a few temporary spots to look.  In addition, we see this with medical cosmetic treatments such as a peel.  If your skin becomes very red, swollen and itchy, then quit using the product.  You’re probably allergic to it.  You might likewise be unfortunate enough to be allergic to “good” ingredients such as Vitamin C. Bear in mind that a product containing a great deal of active and beneficial ingredients is far more likely to cause a skin reaction than a pot which is diluted down with plain water.  So, be on the safe side and attempt a tester first, at least then you are able to rule out any allergies in a few days.


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