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Do You Know These Latest Amazon Features? – Read This Guide

Latest Amazon Features

Amazon has always ‘Amazed’ us with its incredible and distinguishable features. The company follows four key principles and keeps them align\ning consistently to their business strategies. These are – Commitment to operational excellence, long-term planning, customer obsession over competitor focus, and passion for invention. All these make them evolve quirky and customer-friendly features without a cease. Today, in this guide, we have highlighted some of such ‘Amazing’  Latest Amazon Features that you must know in 2022. Stay tuned with us and keep reading. 

Top Latest Amazon Features You Must Not Miss

We have jotted out these 9 Latest Amazon Features out of the thousands. Once you complete reading these, you’ll understand how astonishingly they can make your life better.

1. You Can Now Schedule Your Delivery With Amazon Day

One of the greatest advantages of using the Amazon shopping app is you can purchase things immediately you feel they need. This is one of the newest features that the team has added to enhance the customer experience.

For example, you need to purchase room decoration stuff a day before your kid’s birthday party. In this situation, you can use Amazon Prime’s latest Amazon Day feature. It will allow you to select your delivery date ahead of time. Simply click “ Choose your Amazon Day”  before finalizing Amazon payment.

2. Now Get Amazon Credits With No-Rush Shipping

Do you have Prime? You must have been using the free-two-day shipping facility then. But do you always need it? I’m confident the answer is NO. If you have ordered a few cereal packs and still have enough time before your stock gets empty, use ‘No-Rush Shipping.’ Guess what… you will get credits for this in dollars. That’s super cool! 

3. Save Money With Amazon Warehouse

Are you running short of money? Looking for some discounts at this moment? Take a chill pill because Amazon Warehouse is there. This particular unit sells merchandise that is returned, opened, refurbished, or defective. Although there is no original warranty you’d get a stellar return policy from Amazon along with 2-day shipping.

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4. Obtain The Refund If Your Packages Are Late

I know how annoying the situation becomes when the packages that you have been waiting for are overdue. Especially in this worldwide emergency situation, on-time delivery is what every customer is asking for. Yes, Amazon sometimes fails to deliver packages sharply on time, but they are not sitting reluctantly regarding it.

If Amazon had given you a GDD (Guaranteed Delivery Date) before you had placed the order, and you receive it after that, you will get a shipping refund. Nevertheless, there is no fixed amount of refund; it is only customer support who can assist you here.

5. Save More With Subscribe And Save

Subscribe And Save – it is one of the most positively reviewed features of Amazon to date. Basically, it allows you to schedule the recurring supplies of some essential items. Here is not the end; apart from this, you will get a 5% to 15% discount as well.

However, here is one twist you need to be aware of. These discounts might seem insufficient but think how much you will save if you subscribe to more items.

6. Share All Benefits Of Prime With Your Family

Have you recently signed up for Amazon Prime? Wallah, not only you but also your whole family can enjoy the benefits now. How? That’s a super easy procedure. Simply link their Amazon account to yours under the Amazon Household menu.

Even your roommates, colleagues, and partners can enjoy the full benefits of prime in this way. Starting from streaming videos and Prime reading to cloud photo-storage, the linked account-holders will get to reap every Prime feature.  

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7. Use Digital Dash Buttons To Order In A Single Tap

We have observed a trend that Amazon Dash Buttons are really underrated. Nonetheless, from my point of view, I found them pretty helpful. Do you know how it benefits you exactly? You can re-order disinfectant wipes, laundry detergents, or other household products. Why these products only? It is because they do not exhaust fast enough to warrant using Subscribe & Save. These buttons are still available from the mobile app or from the website.

8.  Read Free Books With Prime Reading

Are you a bookworm? Is your brain telling you to read something new literally? If you aren’t sure about what to read, why not take a virtual tour across the free eBook stores? However, if you are a Prime member, then only you will get to enjoy Prime Reading. A number of books also have the Audible option.  

9. Amazon Moments

Amazon Moments is a self-service tool that enables marketers to optimize customer engagement by offering physical and digital rewards. There are also incentives that remain linked to particular actions which take place on your application or website. Since Amazon’s global presence is relatively strong, brands send rewards to customers in nearly 100 countries. With Amazon Moments, you will require your development team to assimilate and coordinate the Moments AP with your website or app. 

Why Is Amazon Always ‘Amazing?’

Wondering how Amazon always puts a smile on all of their customers’ faces? The above-mentioned features are some of the best reasons why ‘ Amazon Is Always Amazing. ’ The company never even tried to stay in its comfort zone. Every time, with different business ideas, and experiments it has been trying to remain ‘quirky.’ Most essentially, there is literally no one, not a single offering that has threatened the brand’s overall fame.

The Final Thoughts

That’s all about the latest, out-of-the-box Amazon features. Yes, they are jaw-dropping and have taken the brand several steps ahead in terms of the competitors.

Now that you know some of the best features of Amazon, why don’t you give them a try? I’m sure you will like these unconventional USPs. Do not forget to let us know your experience with Amazon below; we would love to hear your thoughts.  

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