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Effective Menu Design For Restaurants

Menu Design For Restaurants

The thing about most great restaurants is that they not only focus on creating great interiors, coming up with great themes, or serving great food, but they also focus on providing great service on designing a great menu card. The first thing your customers will interact with is the menu. Hence, ensure that your menu card makes an outstanding first impression. It helps the customers make satisfying choices and enhance their dining experience. So be delicate while choosing the Menu Design For Restaurants.

A menu card is more than a list of food you are offering in your restaurant. A menu with too many items on the same page, poor design, bad photos, and incongruous wording can dissatisfy a customer more than you can think. Whereas a thoughtfully designed menu card can provide the customers with a seamless dining experience. You should consider hiring a creative menu design company that can create a well-designed and beautifully designed menu card for your restaurant.

Here I am going to discuss some of the best Menu Design For Restaurants that will help you create an amazing menu card for your restaurant and increase profit margins.

So, let’s dive into it.

Best tips to choose Menu Design For Restaurants

1. Consider Eye Scanning patterns

According to some of the top menu designers, there is a fixed pattern of how people read a menu. People first focus on the middle of the menu card. Then their eyes move to the top right and last to the top left. They also refer to it as the golden triangle.

That is why most restaurants build menu cards where they put the most profitable dishes in the top right corner.

But new research is suggesting that people start reading a menu card like a book from the top left corner. Hence, put your most profitable dish in the top left corner.

2. Divide the menu card into different relevant sections

Do not try to fit all the dishes of your restaurant on a single page. Try to build different sections like ‘Sweets’, ‘starters’, ‘Chicken’, etc. And add different dishes to the relevant sessions.

This will help the customer arrange the items logically. Like if they want to start with appetizers they can search the ‘Appetizers’ section.

3. Use white spaces to separate dishes

Studies have shown that white walls help the reader to comprehend better. If you want the dishes to look appealing with readable descriptions, then include white spaces between the dishes and sections.

An excellent menu designer knows exactly what makes a menu card appealing and comprehensive. You should consider hiring one.

4. Use sparking photos

A delicious-looking picture on the menu card along with the food item can increase sales of the item by 30%. A picture will help the customers to figure out how the dish will look and decide whether they want to order or not.

But the pictures need to be highly professional because bad images can dishearten the customers. I know it is very costly but it comes with high benefits.

If you want to avoid high prices but still want to show pictures to your customer, you can give a QR code of your Instagram ID. There they can see what dish they are going to receive.

5. Make use of colors for visual direction

A restaurant can serve a lot of items. But they are specialized in only 2 or 3 items. As a restaurant manager, you are well aware of which dishes your establishment excels at. These dishes are also the most profitable. So, you want to guide your customers through the menu to those dishes.

A creative menu design company knows exactly how to put the spotlight on those special dishes for your restaurant using different colors and visuals. They will use different colors, lines, or illustrations to draw the customers’ attention to those specific dishes. 

6. Use boxes to emphasize

Boxes are also used to draw the attention of the customers to some specific items that the restaurant serves the best. These dishes are also highly profitable.

Make sure you use attractive boxes to showcase the best dishes your restaurant has to offer. It will also help the customer to find the items they are looking for.

7. Do not burden your customers

Many restaurants do not realize the difference between a few and too many. While focusing on versatility, most restaurants burden their customers by offering them too many options.

Customers like to have a few options to choose from. But too many options will make them confused. And a confused customer is not a satisfied customer. Keep that in mind.

To provide the optimum dining experience, you should include a few dishes in different categories in the menu card. It will be convenient for both the customers and restaurants.

Use powerful words: In the description of foods, use words like ‘Buttery’, ‘Crispy’, to describe the taste of the dishes. These words will persuade the customer to order that dish. This strategy will increase sales by 27%, says a study.


Menu card designing is a part of building a successful business strategy. Make sure your menu card not just shows your dishes but your style of serving as well. Hire a creative menu design company for better results. Do not forget to highlight the most profitable dishes. Hope this information helps you.


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