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List of New Year Delicacies which have been revolving around the Globe

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Food has been a part of every celebration from eternity. People change, countries change, celebration change, but what does not change is our love for delicious food. While people in the States will wait for a drop of the ball in Times Square, New York, and Spanish ones ready for the broadcast from Puerta del Sol in Madrid. But one thing is common, which is the excitement of delicacies which will be prepared on the first day of New Year.

People eagerly wait for the buffet meals, New Year cakes, hor’s d ‘oeuvres and many other things. The food traditions change according to every country, and this what excites all of us. So, in this article, we will take you closer to the food traditions of some countries. I am sure that all the hard-core foodies are going to love that, and by the end, some are going to drool jugs of water.

Tamales from Mexico

People in Mexico love eating Tamales for ages now. These are corn dough stuffed with a lot of cheese, meat, and many other delicious veggies. It is wrapped in a banana leaf or corn husk, which makes it look very pretty. The women of Mexico get together and make hundreds of them. Each woman is given one duty while conducting the whole cooking process. These gatherings help in creating strong bonds amongst people and create more joy on this occasion. Tamales are served with Menudo, hominy soup, and tripe, which is the most delicious meal that any Mexican can even think of. 

Japan’s Soba Noodles

All of us know that the Japanese have been very particular about their cultures and follow them very strictly. Soba noodles have been a part of Japan’s tradition for ages now. It is buckwheat noodle, which is also known as Toshi Koshi soba. People eat it at midnight on New Year’s Eve to bid goodbye to the previous year and welcome the new one. This tradition of eating soba noodles dates back to the 17th century. They say that the long soba noodles symbolize prosperity, wealth, and longevity. You can also give soba noodles as a New Year gift to your dear ones. 

Pickled Herring, Poland, and Scandinavia

Herrings are readily available in Poland and some parts of Scandinavia. People are fond of them because of their silver color and love eating them at the stroke of the clock at midnight on NYE. Some people prefer eating pickled herring dipped in cream sauce, whereas some prefer it with onions. One of the most traditional and special Polish New Year’s Eve pickled herring preparations is known as the Sledzie Marynowane. It is made by dipping the whole herrings in water for an entire day. Then they are kept in a jar of onions, spices, sugar, and vinegar.

Cake is the King around the World

Next coming to the king of every celebration, which is the cake. Yes, people around the Globe make sure to bake at least one cake for the New Year’s Eve. If we look around the world, then greeks have Vasilopita, Mexican gorge on Rosca de Reyes, Bulgarian love Banitsa, and there are numerous other also. Cakes have always been a part of all our celebrations. Apart from this, we have also managed to surprise our close ones with Happy New Year cake online in case if we are not able to visit them.

Germany’s Marzipan Schwein

In Germany, people call New Year’s Eve as Sylvesteraben or the eve of Saint Sylvester. The people drink a glass of red wine punch, which has the flavor of spice and cinnamon mixed in it. They also make pig-shaped sucking, which is made of marzipan. These sucklings are decorated on the table on a plate so that every guest can enjoy it.

I bet that most of you will be fascinated to know how different our traditions are from each other. But still, the joy and excitement for celebrating this day are the same. So, put some effort and try to please your dear ones with some of the most delicious delicacies. A slice of yummy New Year cake, a traditional treat, and your best wishes are enough to make someone’s day special and memorable.


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