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Make Your Holiday Traditions Truly Special with Aluminum Handmade Tree Toppers

Aluminum Handmade Tree Toppers

The ceremonial placing of the tree topper is a treasured holiday decorating tradition in thousands of families and made special by each family’s unique way of doing it. Some families leave the honor to the youngest member, others to the oldest. Many place their topper on the tree’s highest point like a crowning jewel to complete the decorating, while others kick off their decorating party with an inaugural tree topper each year.

No matter how you do it, decorating the Christmas tree is a special, magical time for families to come together and share in the holiday spirit. It is a time to be merry and to make memories that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. With life-long aluminum Handmade Tree Toppers made by master craftsman, you will be able to share your family memories and pass on your traditions through generations as you pass on the cherished Christmas tree star.

Unlike delicate porcelain or glass tree toppers which are easy to accidentally break and fall victim to aging stains that are impossible to fully clean out, aluminum handmade tree toppers forged by the master craftsmen at Wendell August Forge are built to survive decades of use. The Pennsylvanian forge has been up and running since 1923, making it the oldest forge in America with nearly a hundred years of experience.

These craftsmen understand the importance of tradition and the way it brings everyone together because it is a crucial element of their trade. That’s why they put such care into handcrafting beautiful, unique tree toppers that will carry the story of your family down to new members for generations to come.

When you bring a handcrafted topper into your family traditions, you are tying your family’s history and good memories into the piece. Great-grandchildren will gather around the Christmas tree and hear the stories of your funniest and happiest moments underneath the same Christmas star tree topper they place atop their own tree each year.

The memories and the beautiful, intricate designs are what make your handmade topper so unique. Just like no two families look the same, no two handmade tree toppers will be identical. That’s part of the magic of Wendell August Forge’s metalwares.

At Wendell August Forge you will find a range of aluminum tree toppers that covers many different styles. No matter your tastes, be they classical and traditional or modern and elegant, you’ll find the perfect tree topper to match. The beautiful religious Nativity Christmas Tree Topper will shine above your family tree as you retell the holy story of Christmas to eager little ears.

Meanwhile, the Noel Tree Topper with Swarovski Crystals brings sprawling elegant organic winter motifs to liven up your yule festivities with a stunning sparkle. If you prefer a more modern look, the slender and stunning Silhouette Tree Topper brings the perfect mix of holiday spirit and lighthearted fun to any Christmas party.

These cherished heirloom-quality tree toppers are just the beginning of all the beautiful metalwares Wendell August Forge has to offer. Go to their store or browse online and see for yourself how special your holiday season can truly be. The perfect start or snowflake for your family is waiting.

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