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Best Mehndi Designs for Bride 2020-21

Mehndi Designs for Bride


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Mehndi or henna is the sign of positivity & happiness & used globally. Mehndi art is the ancient body art for humans & now it is still popular with creative designs for body art. Girls & women love mehndi & decorate their hands & feet filled with mehndi designs on all occasions like weddings, karwa Chauth, Teej, Raksha Bandhan, Bhai-dooj, Eid & many more. And, now mehndi is famous for women, it famous for men also. And choosing mehndi designs for Bride must be an interesting task.

Wedding day is the most important & memorable for every person & try to make it best. And mehndi plays a vital role at an Indian wedding. As per the rituals, this comes in solah shringar/16 adornments for the bride & appropriately celebrate this ceremony.

Mehndi Designs for Bride

Choosing the best mehndi designs for Bride sounds interesting but hard to select. As the mehndi designs are endless but here we are sharing the most trending mehndi designs for Bride. Here below are shortlisted the best mehndi designs for Bride: –

1 Bride & Groom Design

The mehndi design with Bride & Groom with makeover figures of them. The artist must know how to view the Bride & Groom figures in the mehndi design to get the proper way.

2 Baraat Design Mehndi

This artist needs to know how to showcase a full baraati figure on the wrist. And this mehndi design is so much in trend & most of the Brides are choosing for their wedding.

3 Portrait Mehndi Design

The portrait design for mehndi with customize face pictures of Bride & Groom. You need specialized & experienced mehndi artists to make caricatures/sketches of Bride & Groom which is not an easy task. This can express your love for your partner on a special wedding day.

4 Wedding Sequence Design

The sequence of the wedding will be figured with mehndi design in hands to arms designs. Like, start from baraat to vidaai or steps crafted in sequence in both hands. Like Barat departure with the groom on ghodi, then bride entry, Jai mala, mandap rituals & vidaai of Bride.

5 Hashtag Mehndi Design

We see the trending couple of customized hashtags with their best possible elements. And these hashtags can be added to the mehndi designs for bridal. Because these hashtags are related to the special day of your life & memorable for a lifetime.

6 Proposal Story

When the story is about you then that must be special. Brides are writing their proposal stories on lehenga & mehndi designs. The scene of proposing & the story behind that will define elegantly.

7 Bangle Designs

The beauty mehndi designs are filled in big bangles style and apply in full arms. It looks like full bangles wrist & the most trending design for bridals.

8 Bridal Entrance Design

The most trending theme applying on Mehndi design, “Bride Entrance with Phoolon ki chadar” along with her brother. That can be crafted on the arm design to showcase your love towards brothers.

9 Playing Cards Bridal Mehndi

The artist can craft any creative & making the card deck beautifully on bridal hands with mehndi design. The elegant & creative design is the most beautiful shows the king & queen togetherness.

10 Love Symbols

You can beautify your mehndi design by adding love symbols like Radha Krishna, love birds, arrow hearts, couple hearts, and more. This will add the uniqueness of expressing love for your partner and you can add along with your partner’s name or initials.

11 Varmala Ceremony Inspired Mehndi Design

Get the figures of var mala ceremony of groom & bride will add sparkles to your day. You can ask mehndi artists to craft the pauses of the varmala ceremony in sequence also.

12 Sindoor & Kanyadaan Mehndi Design

Here you can ask mehndi artists to showcase the sindoor Daan & kanyadaan ceremony in both hands. This is inspired by the wedding sequencing design as if you want partial or particular rituals on your hands.

13 Patterns & Proposals in a Bridal Mehndi 

In your mehndi design, you can add a proposal picture & pattern, for example, you can ask your artist to make a design similar to your couple picture centered on a heart or circle. You may also combine proposal symbols along with traditional mehndi design.

14 Bridal Peacock Mehndi Design

The traditional peacock mehndi designs look too elegant with the traditional outfit, especially in bridal outfits. You can ask your artist to modernize these elegant peacock designs to make your bridal mehndi designs most beautiful.

15 Beautiful Floral with Minimal Leaves & Lines Design

These designs come in beautiful floral designs with leaves & lines which beautify your hands with Mehndi designs. Here artists have too many options to fill your hands & fingers elegantly & make beautiful designs for the wedding day.

Final Words

Choosing the right mehndi designs for Bride at a wedding is difficult as well as interesting because you want to make this day memorable in all ways. Choose your favorite mehndi designs for your grand day, wish you good luck for choosing the right one for new beginning of your life.

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