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10 Top Tattoo Artists from Around The World

Top Tattoo Artists

Tattoos are a work of art. There is more than one reason as to why people get tattoos. Some wish to display their sentiments while others simply want to accessorize their bodies. So that we have shared the top tattoo artists recommendations.

Initially, tattoos become a custom when tribes started using them to differentiate between social classes and a method to connect with their beliefs. The western world embraced the idea of tattoos when sailors got into the procedures during their voyages.

It wasn’t until 1970 that tattooing becomes an important part of the expression. Not only was it linked with healing but gradually became a medium of art.

There are thousands of tattoo artists around the world and all of them are providing impeccable services. However, even within the tattoo community there are some artist who have made it under the spotlight due to their exceptional work and style.

In case you are planning on getting inked and wish to get it done by the best in the field then here are a few tattoo artists who surpass all expectations. As per tattoo design Inc and other sources, these top 10 tattooists are the ones who have delved into their work more than anyone else has.

Top Tattoo Artists Around the World

1 Inal Bersekov

Inal Bersekov is a reputable tattoo artist who belongs to Canada. Inal is known for his fine line work, especially the intricacy he displays on his pieces. His most famous tattoos are black and gray that range from scenes to portraits. Several celebrities and their crew members have gotten their tattoos from Inal and one of them has been Drake. His realistic tattoos appear alive and breathing and that is his speciality.

2 Gippi Rondinella

Gippi Rondinella is one of the first generation tattoo artists from Italy, one of the few who brought in the idea of tattooing within his community. He started his first tattoo parlor in Rome during 1986. The tattoo artist wishes to be referred to as a tattooer and not an artist. His main studio is called Tattooing Demon Studio. Not only is Gippi an extensive traveler but has managed to establish himself a mythological status within the tattooing community in Italy. He is considered to be the world tattoo events ambassador as well.

3 Carolyn Elaine

Carolyn Elaine is famous for her black lines and vibrant colored tattoos. The artist is specialized in neo traditional wildlife related tattoos. The Chicago based tattoo artist works at MaydDay Tattoo Co., widely known as the lady tattooer. She was once featured on the show called Ink Master where she participated as a contestant during season 8. Not only did she manage to earn herself a name within the tattoo industry but she now stands under the spotlight due to her unique body artwork.

4 Glenn Cuzen

Glen Cuzen is a UK based tattoo artist who has won multiple awards due to his exceptional work. He has an experience of over a decade which allows him to establish his own tattoo parlor called Top Gun Tattoo. The artist is commonly known for his geometric dot work and due to his inclination towards black work, Japanese styles and black and grey tattoo style; the artist appears to be versatile in more than one form of tattooing. And this is one of the reasons why he has made quite a name for himself within the tattooing industry.

5 Horishow

Horishow is one of the many top leading artists within the tattoo industry. His traditional Japanese tattoo consists of bold colors. He has an experience with Amitabha Tattoo, a studio that is located in Fukuoka Japan. Many admire his work, the details he integrates into his pieces and how intricately he covers each aspect of the tattoo. That has lead him world fame across different places. Many are inspired by his style and approach, wishing to implement his techniques in their own work.

6 Ann Savage

Ann showcases amazing work. She belongs to the Philippines, a full time tattooist who manages her own business. Apart from that she is also a full time mother who manages work and home altogether. Not only is she known for her profound work but her clean tattoos as well. Her full name is Analou Savage, and you can really tell by her work that it really is Savage.

7 Daniel Dimattia

Daniel DiMattia is a renowned artist for his tribal and black work. Not only does he run his own studio by the name Calypso Tattoo but he posses amazing experience in his field. He has been working with the tattoo industry since more than two decades and now primarily focuses on African tribal work and Greco Roman Motif, along with Indian henna designs. The talent does not end there, the artist also focuses on modern geometrical forms along with exploring Polynesian culture with his work. His work is admired across the globe, especially since it appears unique.

8 Vu Ngoc Tan

Vu Ngoc Tan is a young tattooist, who displays captivating body work. His travel has allowed him to explore different styles and techniques that he implements within his work. He is commonly witnessed across world tattoo conventions. His unique set of skills have made him a popular tattoo artist that many wish to get inked from.

9 Rob Kelly

Rob Kelly currently resides in Hong Kong but works across borders. He started his career in tattooing around 2005 after which he opened his own tattoo parlor within 5 years. He named his tattoo studio Blackout, the parlor is famous for the unique designs and styles it delivers. Many of those who reside within Hong Kong know about his parlor and the artist, and that too due to his unconventional tattooing style that revolves around tradition and new school color tattoos.

10 Aaron Is

Aaron is famous for his watercolor portraits which is considered to be a tough tattoo style. The artist invests all his time in tattooing which has allowed him to possess exceptional skills when it comes to dot work, photorealism along with sacred geometry. Making him one of the leading tattoo artists across the United States. The artist has been successful at making a name for himself among the convention circuit. He has also been published across many different tattoo related publications.

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