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Office Party Invitation Tips + Templates

Office Party Invitation Tips

Office parties provide avenues to forget work stress and bond better with their colleagues. Employees look forward to company parties with Office Party Invitation, no matter how often you host them or how many times your company throws a party.

After all, every attendee gets a chance to unwind, learn more about others, dance, settle differences before eating and drinking.

You set the date, found the venue, hired the caterer, and chosen the theme.  Whether it’s a corporate Christmas party or a business luncheon party, party invitations play an important role in setting the party’s mood.

A significant way to ensure things go off without a hitch is sending clear, informative business invitations to your proposed guests. Invitations set the stage for an event.

You should not plan on sending mediocre invitations unless you plan to throw a mediocre party. They should be guest-worthy and explicitly designed for your party’s purpose.

These days, there are multiple ways to customize party invitations or even create them altogether. Whether your invite is electronic or printed, adding a personal touch is much easier than it used to be.

With the provisions made available through advanced technology, you can create multiple office party invitations without repeating previous designs.

Pro tips on designing that perfect office party invitation

1. The wordings

This tip comprises many significant points that make up the invitation letter, from the tone to the personality you want to portray. An office party invitation includes:

  • A Headline: Some office party invitations have a big, bold headline that depicts the party’s purpose before the host’s name. This option can work, but it is not mandatory. You can still include the theme later on.
  • The event host: This can either be your organization, a division in your company, a manager, or an employee.
  • Request line to guest: Office party invitations typically incorporate phrases like “requests the presence of” or “cordially invites.” This portion is where the name of the invited person or company is stated. If your party is casual, you can include “you are invited” or “please join us.”
  • The name of the event: Office parties generally have a purpose. Some office parties have themes guiding a lot of activities at the party. Make sure this portion is boldly stated on the invitation after the request.
  • Time & Date: This simply includes the date, and the time the event will hold.
  • The address: This states the venue of the office party.
  • The dress code: Most office parties involve corporate outfits, usually black tie. If your office party involves a different attire, you should specify this in the invitation.
  • What guests should bring: If you want the guests to bring anything along, you should note this in the invitation so that they can prepare adequately.
  • Contact details of the RSVP: This is customary in every invitation. It helps you have an idea of the number of guests you should expect.

2. Tone

Another essential factor to consider is how your invitation wording reflects your personality. It is crucial to define the tone you want your invitation to convey and allow the definition to guide you while you’re creating an invitation.

Office parties could have either a formal or casual tone depending on the party’s purpose and theme. It is best to keep your invitation tone in tune with the theme, as well as the wordings. Whatever voice and tone you choose for your invitation, you should also ensure that the critical event information is still communicated clearly.

3. Special activities

If your party involves different activities like a cocktail or an art showroom, it is pertinent to include it in the invitation. You should also indicate the time each activity would take place.

4. Design

If you are not a skilled digital designer, you can save yourself time, stress by surfing through ready-made template platforms. On TemplateMonkey, for instance, you get to choose from a broad range of amazingly curated office party invitation templates.

Whatever type of party you plan on having in your office, there’s a suitable and customizable invitation template for it on the platform.

If ready-made templates work best for you, below are some tricks that will help you pull off a very pleasing invitation design.

How to Create a Pleasing Office Party Invitation Card

  • Start designing early, so you don’t have to rush the process. This tip would help you do a better job, while your guests would also get the information early.
  • Pick the right card dimension. Depending on what your event is all about and its context, your card dimensions may vary. Some common sizes are 6.5 x 8.75 inches (large invitation), 4 x 9.25 inches (thin invitation) and 3.5 x 5 inches (RSVP card)
  • Pick the right color and visual style that is coherent with the theme of the office party. You can include pictures in the invitation as long as it aligns with the office party’s theme.
  • Pick the perfect template that suits the office party’s purpose and appropriately depicts the invitation’s details. Make the process a seamless one by surfing through Template Monkey’s comprehensive gallery of editable and customizable invitation templates.
  • Use high-quality fonts. Simple, plain fonts are preferable because they are easy to read. Ensure that the writing is also eligible for everyone to read.
  • Don’t crowd your card. It is ideal you keep it simple and straightforward. It makes it more appealing to read. Use ampersands like “&” in place of “and.”
  • The texture of your invitation card is essential. Print on high-quality paper so that the card will have a new look and feel when guests receive it.
  • If the card has an outer packaging, the envelope and other adorning details should complement the invitation, not contrast it. It should also have a good quality texture.

In general, the right invitation wording is one of the key factors to your party’s success. It creates desire, generates interest, and motivates guests to respond.

When the party’s over, be sure to promptly send out thank you notes to those who attended, supported your event, or brought gifts to the party.  Thank You notes don’t have to be as embellished as the invitation. You can get one within 3 minutes on TemplateMonkey.


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