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Now I have a rescuer during small financial needs


For me, my name Eliza Clark is not just my own identity but also of my children as I am a single mother. You have no hold on destiny and separation from my husband is a practical example of this.

It happened 1 year back. Now I am with my two children, one boy, one girl (John and Lisa) trying to create our own little world.

I do not want my little humans to bear the adversities of family break. For this, I try to give them a good life, and for that, money is the vital fuel. Despite the alimony money, financial matters remain the prime concern.

I do not want to lose on this part as my weakness can directly affect the well-being of my children. With them, I have to be on my toes. From their health to education, unexpected needs keep crossing my way and money plays a key role in those situations.

I get a decent amount in salary but with countless expenses, monthly budget sometimes shows its inconvenience to adjust a sudden and new expense. Obviously, that calls for additional financial support. This is a normal phenomenon and chaos of my life, I cannot go to friends and family every time. They have their own struggles.

To give my kids an uncompromised life I am always in a search for a reliable source of funds. Something that can help me even in midnight or even in the early morning hours. I can never forget that I am a single mother of two and I have to stay ready with an adequate back up of money.

Things changed for good when I found a solution for my financial worries

Last year after celebrating the birthday of my Daughter Lisa on 25th of June, I was sitting calculating the expenses of the current month. I felt that this time I went a little above my budgetary limits. That can affect the payments of some pending bills at the end of the month.

I got the feeling that I may need some more money to pay them off. But where to go for help? I started looking for some loan choices but my concern was urgent money. Suddenly, something caught my attention.

A direct loan lender with name British Lenders was making some confident commitments about timely financial assistance. You cannot know things in a better way until you don’t try them. I made my mind to give it a try.

I got a loan choice to pick that is affordable

I visited the website, explored the loan options, and found the 12 Month Loans for bad credit most promising in London, UK. These loans were absolutely according to my needs. The minimum amount limit of £500 and a maximum of £5000 can cover almost every type of small term financial requirement.

I borrowed £2500 and I faced no issue in qualifying for that amount. Many times, I get into situations when I need funds instantly.  Also, there was no obligation of guarantor and collateral as this is a short-term loan. Although my credit score is good this lender provides funds without obligation despite bad credit if the applicant has a good repay capacity. So rational and logical!!

I like this approach. The repayment plans are affordable and the deals are customized. Also, there is no demand for an upfront fee or hidden charges.

I filled the form on the site, which was very precise and short. Just a few basic personal and financial details and submit the form. I was not expecting but the approval decision came instantly and I was approved for the loan.

With notification of approval, the commitment was to transfer the funds on the next working day. Fortunately, the next day was Tuesday and I literally got funds in the bank account at 11 o’ clock. AMAZING!!!

Now I am a regular borrower of British Lenders

It is only trusted and satisfaction, that takes me to this lender, every time, I need funds. For existing customers, it has many good deals and seasonal offers. Whenever uninvited expenses intrude my budget I just visit the website, apply for the funds, get money and say good-bye to money mess.

The instalments are so manageable and small that sometimes they look pretty. In fact, whenever, it is possible, I pay off the loan before the completion of loan tenure. There is no prepayment penalty for that, again a feature that pulls me towards British Lenders in London.

The customer care staff is supportive as well as professional in knowledge and approach. They are 24×7 available to clear all your doubts. I too had many doubts when I borrowed funds for the first time and they were always there to help me get into the deepest detail of the facts.

The information they provide is always genuine and reliable. You know what, the best part is, the lender provides funds 365 days, irrespective of bank holidays.

From the day, I came to know about British Lenders I feel so secured. I know that even if no one is there to help me and my family, this place is there to solve my financial purposes. I guess all the single mothers out there can understand how great it feels.

I am greatly helpful to this new age lender for being there whenever people need it. This is what we need to construct a better financial atmosphere.

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