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Best Knee Replacement surgeons in Hyderabad

Prosthetic knee joint on roentgenogram - collage

Precautionary measures to be taken for the knee replacement surgery

If you have gone for a knee replacement surgery then there are certain things that is to be taken after the knee replacement surgery and those precautionary measures are to be followed very ardently and they are as following

  • When you are getting dressed: Abstain from putting your jeans on while holding up. Sit on a seat or the edge of your bed, so you are increasingly steady. Use gadgets that help you get dressed without twisting excessively, for example, a reacher, a since quite a while ago taken care of shoehorn, versatile shoe bands, and a guide for putting on socks. First put jeans, socks, or pantyhose on the leg that you had medical procedure on.When you strip, take off garments from your medical procedure side last.
  • Emotional support : Despite the fact that a knee substitution is physically exhausting, there’s additionally a significant mental viewpoint to recuperation and recovery. Your adored one may wind up disappointed or restless with the torment or an apparent absence of advancement. Poor portability may affect their frame of mind and feeling of self-esteem. By giving progressing backing and consolation, you can support your companion or relative accelerate the recuperation procedure, remain on track, and take the necessary steps required for a full recuperation. It’s not surprising for individuals to take out their dissatisfaction on their essential parental figure. To decrease the danger of hurt sentiments, openness is of the utmost importance. Express emotions without fault and without getting cautious. Practice great listening abilities. Do whatever it takes not to remove things said from disappointment and anxiety by and by.

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Is it right to put weight on the knee that has been replaced?

Directly after medical procedure, your new joint can’t hold your weight. Your medicinal services supplier will reveal to you how much weight you can put on your joint. After some time, your human services supplier will build the measure of weight your joint can hold up under.

Your joint can relax and move strange in the event that you put an excessive amount of weight on it. Adhere to your medicinal services supplier’s directions on how much weight you should put on your joint. Use props, a stick, or a walker to enable you to move around more effectively and help anticipate a fall.

Things to be taken care of

As per my therapeutic group, it’s entirely expected to have mellow swelling, some redness around the knee, and warmth around the entry point for 3 to a half year. My home specialist constantly checked my cut for contamination, looked about the knee and took my temperature every day. 

During the initial couple of visits to the off site physical advisor he constantly checked my entry point intently. There are two sorts of diseases that you can create. 

  • Shallow Knee Infection 
  • Profound Knee Infection 

Shallow disease ordinarily happens not long after medical procedure in the entry point. Profound knee contamination can happen as long as you have the embed. Shallow contamination is a lot simpler to treat. Profound knee disease can require follow up medical procedure.

A few people are more in danger for profound knee disease on the off chance that they have earlier ailments. A portion of these conditions incorporate HIV, Diabetes, Obesity and a few others.

Top surgeons for knee replacement in Hyderabad

Some of the top knee replacement surgeon in Hyderabad are as following

  • Dr. Brijesh Kidiyoor– He has an experience of over 12 years and is a medical practitioner at Hegde Hospital. He is quite young but has a wide range of expertise ranging from Fracture treatment, complex fractures, and other services
  • Dr. A.V Gurava Reddy- He has an experience of over 35 years and is one of the most renowned medical practitioners in the Sunshine hospitals in the field of orthopedics. 


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