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Pros and cons of laser hair removal


Laser Hair removal method is a clinically proven method for long term hair reduction. In the US, this is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for hair removal.

This treatment uses highly concentrated beams that are lit into your hair follicles and destroy the hair. This hair removal solution is effective for most skin types. The damaged hair follicle will not be able to produce any hair for a long period of time.

In some cases, several sessions may be required. What are the advantage and disadvantages of potential patients? Here is a summary of the pros and cons of laser hair removal. you can check out best chest workout routine also

Pros of laser hair removal

  1. Laser hair removal is beneficial for unwanted hair removal from areas such as the face, leg bikini line, etc.
  2. The success of laser hair removal is backed by medical science and clinical trials. Aside from painful and prolonged electrolysis, it provides by far the most reliable and long term removal.
  3. It targets for large or small sites of unwanted hair.
  4. Laser help to remove the hair from any part of the body other than immediately around the eyes (due to the damage lasers can causes).
  5. laser hair removal is reported to be safe when performed, as it always should be, by a qualified and experienced professional.
  6. Pain is far less of a factor than in electrolysis, which is the only truly “permanent” removal method but which can require a high pain threshold. By contrast, laser hair removal involves short pangs of pain that are similar to snapping an elastic band against the skin.
  7. laser hair removal is less expensive than electrolysis. Although individual electrolysis session seems cheaper, the amount necessary for full and desirable results makes the process more costly.

Cons of laser hair removal

Like every other treatment, there are both pros and cons for laser hair removal. it is therefore important to know about the cons of laser hair removal as well. listed below are the cons of laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is not permanent. it has been likened to ‘hibernation’ of the hairs, in that their growth progress is stalled for a time before the regrowth begins.

  1. Laser hair removal is not always the best option for all skin types. This method depends on the individual factors plus the laser type, and you should check with your chosen hospital to see if they offer effective laser treatment for darker skin types.
  2. The unwanted hair to be treated should be darker than the surrounding skin (not for all laser types).
  3. The adverse side effect that can rise in some cases,  from the laser hair removal, particularly hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation which involves colour changes to the underlying skin. These can take up to months to return to normal, though permanent discolouration is rare.
  4. As melanin is targeted by the laser treatment, this can lead to discolouration in darker skin types.
  5. The treatment relative newness means the long term effects many years after procedure-have not yet been fully tested, nor has the average extent of the growth.


Laser hair removal is one of the best techniques for the removal of unwanted hair from your body. you must know the pros and cons of laser hair removal before experiencing it.

It is not the permanent method of removal of hair but he can help in the reduction of your unwanted hair from the body. This article is written by the world of medical saviors as the contributory post to the


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