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Air Conditioning Units For Sale in Budget

Air Conditioner for Units

Many people will be looking into purchasing Air Conditioning Units For Sale at their local HVAC dealer’s shop or at the local big-box warehouse and they will be missing out on the best deal around.

Since 2011, Budget Air Supply has been selling Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Heat Pumps, and every other form of HVAC product from the best manufacturers in America for less.

Once upon a time, if you were in the market for a new air conditioner, you had few choices about where to find the right air conditioner. There were the local shops and contractors who could sell the unit and even install it, but the prices were pretty prohibitive and the quality of the service often left much to be desired. You might get the air conditioner you needed but you might have paid way too much.

The owner at Budget Air Supply didn’t start out in the HVAC business. The owner started out as a customer trying to get his air conditioner serviced because it wasn’t working.

He lived in Central Florida and when the weather heats up it’s hard to survive without cool air. He contacted four HVAC contractors and asked them to come out to look at his AC unit and let him know what it would cost to have it repaired.

Two of the contractors never showed up and the two that did show up said he needed to replace his air conditioner completely.

It turned out the owner had a friend who could help him out and he ended up getting his air conditioner fixed for $120. It was in that moment the owner of Budget Air Supply (Air Conditioners Supply Parts) went from being the customer of an HVAC company to being the owner of an HVAC company.

From extremely humble beginnings, the company has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of HVAC equipment in America. With three service centers to supply products, service, and advice to their customers, Budget Air Supply has become the go-to resource for many construction companies, building maintenance managers, HVAC contractors, and DIY homeowners.

Great products have made Budget Air Supply’s customers very happy and when it comes to the air conditioning units for sale from Budget Air Supply, the selection is amazing. Budget Air Supply sells only the best quality products made in the USA like:

  • American Standard
  • Rheem / Ruud
  • Cooper & Hunter
  • Goodman Manufacturing
  • Mitsubishi
  • Daikin

When it comes to the Air Conditioning Units for sale online at Budget Air Supply (www..budgetairsupply.com) the choices are practically limitless. Budget Air Supply sells air conditioning units in the following styles:

  • Complete Split Systems
  • All-in-One Packaged Units
  • Commercial Units
  • Mini Split Units
  • Ductless Units
  • Condenser Only Units

And Budget Air Supply has every size of air conditioning unit from 1 Ton capacity, which can cool up to 600 square feet, all the way up to 5 Ton units which can cool up to 3,000 feet for residential applications. They also stock larger units for commercial installations.

More than just a resource for air conditioners, Budget Air Supply also provides all the service tools and equipment needed to install and maintain air conditioners. Just as important, Budget Air Supply also provides excellent customer support.

Customers can contact the company using the inquiry form located on the website’s contact page or they can email the company at [email protected]. Customers who wish to speak directly with a customer support professional can call 855-473-6484.

With locations in Central Florida, Wichita, Kansas and Las Vegas, the company has the ability to provide any air conditioning products, service equipment or installation tools, and other accessories quickly and completely with most orders shipping the same day.

With the guaranteed lowest prices, free shipping on all orders and a free electronic Thermostat with each unit, there’s no better deal for air conditioning units for sale on the internet.

For more information about Air Conditioning Supply and Rheem Air Handler Please visit: Budgetairsupply.


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