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Puerto Rican Street Food: Delightful Treats to Try on the Go

Puerto Rican Street Food

Puerto Rico, a thriving Caribbean island known for its mouthwatering cuisine and rich culture, offers a vast selection of enticing street food. While visiting the bustling markets or ambling through San Juan’s busy streets, the tempting aroma of real Puerto Rican street food will captivate your senses. The island’s street food scene offers everything from savory appetizers to sweet delights, celebrating local flavors and culinary traditions. We invite you to embark on a gastronomic journey with us as we explore some of the Puerto Rican Street Food to try on the go in Puerto Rico in this post.

Best Puerto Rican Street Food

1.    Mofongo

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No trip is complete without trying Mofongo, one of Puerto Rico’s iconic delicacies. Mofongo is a delectable mash made with green plantains, garlic, olive oil, and pork cracklings and shaped into a ball or cup-like shape. It typically includes a selection of filling, such as succulent shrimp, tender pork, or flavorful chicken. The dinner is filled with delicious flavour and a superb representation of Puerto Rican cuisine.

In Puerto Rico, the mofongo dish has a lengthy history and is said to have originated with the African slaves who were brought to the island during the colonial era. The fried green plantains are traditionally mashed in a “pil√≥n,” a wooden mortar and pestle. Garlic, olive oil, and crispy pork cracklings are added to the dish, which gives it layers of taste and a delicious crunch. Today, street vendors, food trucks, and restaurants may be seen selling the popular dish mofongo all across the island.

2. Pinchos

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3. Alcapurrias

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Alcapurrias are fried green banana and yauta (taro root) or yuca (cassava) fritters. Alcapurrias are a delectable snack that showcase Puerto Rico’s creativity in the kitchen. They have culinary fillings like salted codfish or spiced beef mince. This delectable street food is a result of Puerto Rico’s Taino and African roots. The Arabic phrase “al-kibbeh,” which alludes to a dish of the same name that is served in the Middle East, is where the word “alcapurria” originates. Alcapurrias, which incorporates African, Taino, and Spanish ingredients, is a symbol of the island’s multiethnic culinary past.

4. Bacalaitos

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Baconitos are yet another favourite component of Puerto Rican street food. These flaky salted codfish fritters are made from a batter of flour, water, and seasoned codfish. The result is a delectable and flavourful snack that locals and visitors alike enjoy. The origins of Bacalaitos may be traced to Spain, where salted codfish was a prominent ingredient in numerous dishes. Spanish colonists transferred their culinary traditions to Puerto Rico, where Bacalaitos became a popular form of street cuisine. Nowadays, a wide variety of roadside stalls and seaside kiosks continue to sell baconitos hot and crispy, making them the perfect food to share with friends and family.

5. Empanadillas

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The savory turnovers known as empanadillas can be filled with a variety of delectable foods like succulent shrimp, tender chicken, or flavorful ground beef. The ingredients are bursting with tastes that are distinctively Puerto Rican, and the dough is flaky and golden. The empanadilla was first introduced to the nation during the colonial era in Spain. The word “empanadilla” comes from the Spanish phrase “empanada,” which means “wrapped in bread.” Puerto Ricans added local flavor and ingredients to the turnovers over time, altering the recipe in their own unique ways. Empanadillas, which come in a range of flavours to suit every palate, are a favorite among Puerto Ricans.

6. Piraguas

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To combat the tropical heat, indulge in a refreshing Piragua, a dessert made of shaved ice and flavoured with a variety of exotic syrups. This sweet and cold dessert is enjoyed by both kids and adults and offers a quick cooling break on a hot Puerto Rican day. The island’s African heritage is considered to have given rise to the piraguas, who have a long history in Puerto Rico. The name “piragua” is derived from the Spanish word “piragua,” which refers to a small boat or canoe. Street vendors sell piraguas out of colourful pushcarts or carts. They are available in a variety of syrup flavours, including tamarind, coconut, passion fruit, and others. A typical Puerto Rican drink called a piragua will invigorate you and put you in the right frame of mind to keep exploring the island’s rich street food scene.

7. Piononos

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8. Pastelillos

Tripleta Sandwich
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10. Besitos de Coco

Besitos de Coco

Everyone with a sweet tooth ought to try besitos de coco, a wonderful treat. These coconut macaroons are crafted with real coconut and are soft, sweet, and flavorful. They are a fun way to wrap out a day of studying Puerto Rican street food. Besitos de Coco, or “Little Coconut Kisses,” is the name of a common sweet delicacy from Puerto Rico. Condensed milk, sugar, and coconut flakes come together to make a sweet and salty treat that is absolutely delightful. Bakeries, food markets, and food vendors all sell Besitos de Coco. To entice passersby to try a bite of this delicious treat, they are typically presented in colourful designs.


Food enthusiasts may embark on a fascinating culinary journey with Puerto Rican street food, which features everything from savory delicacies like Mofongo and Pinchos to sweet treats like Piraguas and Besitos de Coco. By experiencing the island’s booming street food scene, you may get a glimpse of the heart and soul of Puerto Rican culture while savoring real foods that have been passed down through generations. As you meander through the bustling markets and vibrant streets, be sure to relish every bite of these delectable delights. Puerto Rican street food is more than simply a meal; it’s a celebration of local traditions, a look into the island‘s past, and a representation of the friendly and hospitable people of the nation. So, if you ever find yourself back in this tropical paradise, immerse yourself in Puerto Rican street food and relish every delicious moment. Happy eating!


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