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Quality Carbide End Mills For Sale At Online Carbide

Carbide End Mills


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End mills are an essential purchase for every milling shop. All end mills eventually lose their edge after dealing with the abuse of cutting through hard materials at high temperatures. Once your workhorse end mills start to wear down, you need to buy replacements if you want to keep operating at the same speeds and feeds.

Every machinist has important choices to make when they purchase end mills. Do you save some cash by buying low quality end mills or do you spend the big bucks to buy cutting tools that will hold their edges longer? At Online Carbide, we don’t think you should have to choose between quality and affordability. That’s why you can find our high performance End Mills For Sale at manufacturer direct prices.

We offer a huge selection of solid carbide end mills. All of our end mills are made to the highest standards right here in the USA. We use the same quality solid carbide stock as industry leaders so our mills can handle the same abuse as other popular US brands. We also grind all of our mills using the same machines and processes as other industry leaders. When you buy from Online carbide, you know that you’re investing in end mills with quality construction that will last.

Types of mills we offer
● Full form thread mills – A very accurate alternative to tapping for creating internal and external threads
● Single pitch thread mills – Perfect for extremely accurate thread cutting with minimal side cutting pressure on your workpiece
● Variable end mills – Specially designed mills that can significantly reduce chatter and increase speeds and feeds on harder materials
● End mills for Aluminum – 37° helix end mills with a zirconium nitride coating for efficient chip removal and faster speeds when machining Aluminum
● 6 Flute end mills – These end mills are perfect for creating a smooth finish or working with harder materials. These mills feature an Aluminum Chromium Nitride coating for extreme wear resistance
● Chamfer mills – Break the sharp edges on your workpiece with these mills
● Drill mills – Amazing multipurpose end mills that can also perform many drill functions
● Center drills – For marking holes and center points for lathe work
● Spot drills – Drills for starting a hole and preventing “walking” drill bits
● Stub drills – These short drill bits have less vibration for drilling with confidence
● Jobber drills – These longer drill bits are perfect for wood, plastic, and softer metals

We offer many of our end mills with specialized coatings, as mentioned above. Most of our other products either feature a bright coating or Titanium Aluminum Nitride(TiAlN). Our bright coating is simply polished carbide, and the act of polishing increases the efficiency of chip evacuation and performance. Our TiAlN coating extends tool life by forming an Aluminum Oxide coating under high speeds and temperatures. This coating helps to insulate the cutting edges of the mills for longer tool life.

So next time you need new end mills, turn to Online Carbide for high performance end mills. We cut out the middleman and offer end mills for sale at amazing prices. Visit our site onlinecarbide.com today to find all of the end mills your shop needs.

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