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Reasons you Should Travel to Pakistan

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Pakistan is hidden gem that get attention recently all across the world. Last year the mesmerizing country ranked as the number one travel destination by the British Backpackers Society and gained much attention by big names like Gulf News and Lonely Planet. Pakistan is now one of the hottest destinations for adventure tour and the best part it has everything that tourist ever wished to see in a place. From its majestic mountains to raw beaches, incredibly beautiful valleys to daring road trips, uncountable variety of food to most hospitable people in the world, bewitching sites in north to famous polo match in Shindoor, beautiful four season weather to many historical site. Thus, your time may end but the things to do and places to visit in Pakistan don’t. Pakistan should be your next travel destination. Here are some of the best reasons that make you fall for this part of the world.  

  1. Hospitability of People are Exceptional!

Pakistani people are just mind-blowing, they want you to enjoy every moment in their country. The entire world you travel but the hospitability, kindness and welcoming people of Pakistan is unmatchable. The every corner of country is unique in its own way, whether it’s the bustling old streets of Lahore where people never sleep and love to eat to the quaint mountain towns of Hunza or the bewitching beauty of Northern valleys. But the one common thing you can find in each part is hospitability of locals, they love to offer you whatever they have and invite you to dinner and free cups of chai are just countless. They even provide you free local guide and love to show you their town or city. This is something unforgettable!

  • Stunning Landscapes

Once you travel to Pakistan by domestic flights I bet you can name this country as the most beautiful place on earth without thinking even for a second. The country is blessed with everything, you name it and Pakistan has it. Among long-list the most highlighted are its mesmerizing valleys, peaky mountains, flowing rivers, glaciers and thick forests. It is like a complete package for tourist. Pakistan has five of the world’s fourteen highest peaks, surprising enough! K2 the second highest peak in the world is also in Pakistan. Adventurous tourists find it heaven for climbing, trekking or rafting.

  • Safe and Sound

What world knows about Pakistan is totally opposite what it actually is. Many people think that Pakistan is some backward country with illiterate or Stone Age people and everyone here is terrorist. It’s true that in past Pakistan hit many times by terror attacks but now the situation is perfectly fine. Infact, Pakistanis are extremely anti-Taliban and hate terrorism; they are victims not the predators. The country is 100 % safe for travelling. If police provide you protection, it doesn’t mean you’re in danger but simply they want their guest to feel safe and secure in professional hands.

  • Historical Silk Road

Though there are myriad attractions and places to visit with cheap flights in Pakistan but the historical Silk Road has its own charm. Marco Polo was one of the first European explorers to tackle the Silk Road; it is an ancient trade route that spanned the Orient, connecting the treasuries of the Roman Empire to the Imperial Dynasties of China. Silk Road is the corridor through which three great faiths enter including, Islam to the east, curry to the west and Buddhism to the north. You can now drive on the impressive Karakoram Highways endeavors the striking views and daring motorbike adventures.

  • Enjoy the Ride on the Highest Road in the World

This may be new to many of you but yes, Pakistan has the world’s highest paved road as Karakoram Highway is the high-altitude road that connects Pakistan to China.  The road is not just famous but it also a vital artery of country’s economy. You can see plenty of Trucks and transport goods running on the road between two Asian countries. The ultimate road trip on Karakoram Highway goes straight through the heart of mountains, offering you unrivaled views of Rakaposhi, Passu Cones and Khunjerab border. A trip to Pakistan’s KKH must be on every motorist’s list as it is one of the most impressive roads ever.

  • Travel without making Holes in your Pocket

If you have just $100 budget dollars for a week, head to the Pakistan! The Pakistan is quite cheap and in less money covers the expenses of food, accommodation, traveling, transport and awesome activities. And if you have any friend in Pakistan, you hit the jackpot because they never let you pay and insist of treating you everything. You can enjoy free accommodation, transport, variety of food and lots of chai. As we already discuss how much Pakistani people are generous so, there is a possibility that you even save some bucks even in small budget.

  • Pakistan has best ranges of mountains

Pakistan is the country that has awe-inspiring mountain range, even better than Nepal. The country is known around the world for its best trekking and hiking trails, dreamt by every backpacker to take a walk on. From simple day trails to multi-week expeditions- Pakistan is surely blessed with some truly stunning terrain. Nanga Parbat, Fairy Meadows, and even K2 (the second tallest peak in the world) is ready to be conquered by the hike-lovers.

  • Have your hands on some gusto food

Pakistan is food heaven, rich, juicy, spicy, sweet, meaty, rice, curry; there is never-ending variety of food available in Pakistan. Five provinces have their own style of food but some dishes are equally famous in all parts of the country like biryani, pulao, gajar ka halwa, falooda, qorma, nihari, paye, chicken karahi, mutton chops are just few names. Lahoris are known for their love for food, 24/7 you can find your favorite dish in market. Who can forget the famous Lahore Food Street, a must visit food street in Pakistan.

  • Land of Multi-Culture

Pakistan is a very diverse land! All Muslims, Hindus and Christians live happily together there are no religious intolerance in country that shown on international media. To clear your misunderstanding just visit any of Pakistani festival, ceremonies, weddings or parties and you’ll change your view about it. The multi-culture land is also diverse in ethnicity, people of Punjab province in East are Punjabi (speak Punjabi language and love to eat spicy food), and west part of country is similar to Aryans while north is more like Turkic. You can find vibrant colors of people with different characteristics but with the same patriotism.


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