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Online Carbide: A Solid Carbide End Mills Manufacturer

Solid Carbide Manufacturer

If you regularly machine parts, you know how important it is to have quality end mills. When cutting harder materials like steel, the wear on your end mills can be intense, which is why materials like carbide make a huge difference. Purchasing your cutting tools from a Solid Carbide End Mills Manufacturer like Online Carbide will ensure they your tools can handle the abuse of high-speed milling.

At Online Carbide, we are an American manufacturer of quality carbide cutting tools. We specialize in end mills, but we also produce solid carbide stub and jobber drill bits. We use the highest quality carbide stock and the same 5 axis robot fed CNC routers as other industry leaders. Unlike the major brands you will find in big box stores, we do not deal with middlemen. Instead, we sell direct to consumers at manufacturer direct pricing. Despite our low prices, we only deal with solid carbide tools. You will never carbide tipped or coated end mills in our inventory.

Carbide, in a literal sense, is a ceramic material composed of carbon and an inorganic element. The most common carbide used in tool making is tungsten carbide, made up of equal parts of tungsten and carbon. In its natural form, tungsten carbide is a grey powder. While not an ideal material in its own right, the carbide machinists know is a combination of this ceramic powder cemented together with cobalt metal.

Cemented carbide is an ideal material for high-speed tools. It is more rigid than metal alone, allowing it to operate at high speeds without oscillating like metal tools. It also holds its edge remarkably well. Despite these advantages, cemented carbide does inherit some of the brittleness of its ceramic component, making them more likely to crack where metal would bend.

At Online Carbide we produce a wide range of high-performance carbide tools. Instead of just offering standard end mills, we produce a wide range of specialized tools including:

● Full Form Thread Mills
● Single Pitch Thread Mills
● Square End Mills
● Ball End Mills
● Variable End Mills
● End Mills for Aluminum
● 6FL End Mills
● Chamfer Mills
● Drill Mills
● Center Drills
● Spot Drills
● Stub Drills
● Jobber Drills

To keep your end mills and drill bits in good shape, we offer several coating options. Many of our cutting tools come with our standard bright finish. This finish is not a coating, but the process of polishing the finished carbide tools does lower friction and increase the ease of chip evacuation. For a more protective coating, we offer end mills with a layer of Titanium Aluminum Nitride. TiAlN is an ideal coating for end mills that will have to deal with high temperatures. When exposed to heat, TiAlN forms a protective layer of Aluminum Oxide which helps deflect heat away from the body of the tool and into the chips. This helps keep the end mill cooler and can greatly extend the working life of the cutting edges. Finally, for or end mills for aluminum, we offer a Zirconium Nitride. ZrN is a hard ceramic coating that increases the hardness and lubricity of cutting tools, making it easier for tools to evacuate fine aluminum chips and prevent build up.

If your shop needs new cutting tools, trust a high-quality solid carbide end mills manufacturer like Online Carbide. We are dedicated to producing the best tools we can for our customers so you can machine with confidence. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to reach out to our team at 630-238-1424 or [email protected].

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